Fortnite - "Fortnite Presents: High Stakes" Trailer

A cool grapple weapon has come to Fortnite  Epic Games

A cool grapple weapon has come to Fortnite Epic Games

In Getaway mode, teams of four will battle for four rare jewels that will land throughout the map in supply drops, along with four getaway vans.

High Stakes is a heist themed event that leads on the new limited time mode The Getaway.

Epic Games has today unleashed the Fortnite v5.40 update, bringing with it a new High Stakes event featuring The Getaway LTM, a mode in which you have to locate four safes, each containing a large jewel, that have been loaded into supply drops scattered across the island.

There's a few wrinkles to this, as when you manage to get the llama, you'll suddenly be visible on the map to all players for thirty seconds.

Each game will have four jewels and four getaway vans, making it possible for four different teams to win the game. However, the challenges to unlock the new Tomatohead style were pretty bland, and it looks like Epic Games have spiced things up a bit for the High Stakes event.

This plays a lot like capture the flag, with you hunting down jewels with your teammates.

During the livestream, Epic showed off the new mode, skins, and grappler gun for the first time.

You can find the full 5.40 patch notes here. The Grappler has up to 15 uses and is discarded when the last plunger is shot. Epic also made numerous changes to the game's weapons: the Revolver has been "vaulted" and thus removed from the game; the Dual Pistols, Bolt-action Sniper Rifle, Rocket Launcher, Suppressed SMG, Remote Explosive, Pistol, Port-a-Fort and Semi-Auto Sniper Rifle had their rarities adjusted; and Burst Action Rifles saw numerous buffs to their overall accuracy.

For those unaware, should these undertakings go on to actually make the cut and show up as Fortnite Battle Royale's Season 5 Week 9 challenges, then fans should expect to see them added alongside the highly anticipated High Stakes challenges that go live in the update this Thursday.

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