Henry Cavill Posts Weird Video in Wake of Superman Exit Reports

REPORT Henry Cavill is Out as Superman in the DCEU

Henry Cavill Posts Weird Video in Wake of Superman Exit Reports

The actor also reprised the role on 2016's Batman v. Superman and 2017's Justice League.

That fateful post-credits scene helped birth the MCU we know and love, though it's unclear if Henry Cavill's Superman planned to inform the young Billy Batson that he now belonged to a bigger universe - that being the fledgling DC Extended Universe.

A statement from Warner Bros. tried to play down any final decisions made about Cavill's future as the superhero.

On Wednesday, September 12 The Hollywood Reporter published an article stating that talks had failed between Cavill's representatives at William Morris Endeavor and Warner Bros., which meant that he would not be returning to play Superman in any future films.

With Warner Bros. rumoured to be focusing on a Supergirl movie ahead of any further sequels or possible reboot of the Superman franchise, Cavill could be out on his ear.

Our only guess is that Cavill and his team are trying hard to imply the rumours - which were kicked off on Wednesday morning by a Hollywood Reporter article based on a studio source - remain exactly that: rumours. The actor recently signed on to star in the Netflix adaptation of The Witcher series. According to one insider, the studio is now focusing on doing a Supergirl origin story starring a teen Supergirl, which would call for a younger actor playing Superman.

Warner Bros. has been rethinking its superhero film strategy after "Justice League".

If the reports are true Cavill will join Ben Affleck, who sources say will not be reprising his role as The Dark Knight in the forthcoming Batman solo film. Cavill campaigned hard for the role originally and is a massive Superman fan. As WB evolves the DC Universe, they could skip out on this version of Superman but bring him back in flashbacks, alternate realities, or any number of comic book-like loopholes. In addition to Shazam! and a Supergirl project, there's December's Aquaman and 2019's Wonder Woman: 1984.

The validity of these reasons for Cavill to leave ranges widely, and you get the feeling if he had really wanted to stay they would have gotten something done.

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