Kavanaugh Classmate Retracts Support After What He Wrote in Yearbook

Dolphin previously signed a letter of support for Kavanaugh, after allegations of sexual assault were brought against him.

Following the ensuing controversy after Christine Blasey Ford and now Deborah Ramirez alleged that Kavanaugh attempted to sexually assault them, Dolphin and 64 other women signed a letter addressed to the leaders of the United States Senate Judiciary Committee that vouched for his behavior around women.

Supreme Court nominee Brett M. Kavanaugh.

Other men that had "Renate" references in the yearbook echoed this claim that it was an reference to dates or other innocent interactions with her.

Alexandra Walsh, a lawyer for Kavanaugh, told the Times in a statement earlier this week that the judge and Dolphin attended one school event together.

Democratic Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse told Kavanaugh at Thursday's hearing the yearbook page was relevant because it was from the time numerous alleged incidents took place.

Though Kavanaugh said Monday that he was a "virgin" for many years after leaving high school as he battles allegations of sexual misconduct, his Georgetown Preparatory School yearbook includes arguably suggestive references to a then-16-year-old named Renate Schroeder Dolphin, first reported by The New York Times. "The language from Judge Kavanaugh's high school yearbook refers to the fact that he and Ms. Dolphin attended that one high school event together and nothing else".

The year book page of Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

"They were very disrespectful, at least verbally, with Renate", said Sean Hagan, a Georgetown Prep student at the time, referring to Judge Kavanaugh and his teammates. I guess a lot of people are figuring out Kavanaugh wasn't almost as "respectful" towards women as they were led to believe.

Brett Kavanaugh, with his wife Ashley Estes Kavanaugh, during a Fox News interview. Judge went on to write a memoir in 1997 about his alcoholism that included a character called "Bart O'Kavanaugh", though Kavanaugh did not confirm if it was based on him.

"Beach Week" was an annual Maryland prep school trip to DE that often involved heavy drinking, according to the Washington Post. They all denied ever bragging about sexual exploits with her.

Kavanaugh acknowledged that it was a reference to "throwing up" but would not say if that was brought on by heavy drinking. Both he and Ford are scheduled to testify in the U.S. Senate on Thursday, September 27.

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