NBC accused of trying to quash Weinstein harassment probe

NBC accused of trying to quash Weinstein harassment probe

NBC accused of trying to quash Weinstein harassment probe

Farrow, according to The Daily Beast, was threatened by NBC News general counsel Susan Weiner when he continued to pursue the Weinstein story on his own.

Losing the Weinstein story did result in a 12-page internal report, which NBC provided to The New York Times, the paper reported Thursday. "We repeatedly made clear to Ronan and Rich McHugh the standard for publication is we needed at least one credible on-the-record victim or witness of misconduct".

But that's exactly what happened at NBC News, where Farrow started his work on it.

News has issued the following statement in response to the story and accusations that it tried to stifle the Harvey Weinstein story by Ronan Farrow.

NBC News rejected McHugh's claims in a statement to the Times, arguing that Farrow and McHugh's story was not reportable at the time that Farrow made a decision to leave the network.

The Daily Beast claimed, while citing unnamed sources, that the NBC News general counsel Susan Weiner had made multiple calls to Farrow with threats that Farrow's reputation would be at stake if he chose to continue the investigation. Oppenheim reportedly told colleagues that NBC News chairman Andrew Lack and NBC's senior vice president for communications Mark Kornblau were ultimately to blame.

"Farrow was prepared to fly to California to interview a woman who was going to claim in silhouette on camera that Weinstein had raped her", reports the far-left Daily Beast.

When it was released, people in the media and entertainment industries wondered how NBC News had missed the story, since Farrow had spent months gathering material on the disgraced mogul while Farrow was with the network. Right now it's the word of Farrow and his producing partner, Rich McHugh, versus NBC executives.

"Ronan reached out to us and said: 'I want to get this out now". Besides, this wouldn't be the first time that the Powers That Be at NBC News ignored or squashed reports of abusive, powerful men.

The journalists who penned the Daily Beast report did not respond to request for comment from Deadline, nor did Farrow.

"I walked into the door at The New Yorker with an explosively reportable piece that should have been public earlier", Farrow said.

Farrow, in a statement to the Times, appeared to validate McHugh's account. "We were told to put the story on the back burner".

With out disclosing the names of any executives fervent, McHugh described NBC as "resistant" to the eight-month investigation, and by August 2017 they were now now now not supportive and, in his behold, were "killing the Harvey Weinstein fable".

"We said: 'You've asked for permission to go elsewhere".

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