Papadopoulos Sentenced To 14 Days In Prison

Donald Trump right stands next to Sen. Jeff Sessions as Sessions speaks during a rally on Feb. 28 2016 in Madison Ala

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"I hope to have a second chance to redeem myself", Papadopoulos told the judge.

Outside court on Friday, Papadopoulos' lawyer, Thomas Breen, said his client was a "fool" and had acted "stupidly" by lying to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. "I made a bad mistake", he remarked.

Michael Flynn, a former national security adviser to Trump who was also a close campaign aide, pleaded guilty in December to lying to FBI agents about his contacts with Russian Federation and agreed to cooperate with Mueller's investigation.

Papadopoulos's comments on "This Week" were his first in public since being sentenced Friday to 14 days incarceration, one year of supervised release, 200 hours of community service and a $9,500 fine.

The sentence was significantly less than prosecutors' recommendation of six months. But he said he was moved by what he viewed as Mr. Papadopoulos's "genuine remorse".

That account conflicts with what Sessions, now attorney general, testified before Congress.

"We are very satisfied with the sentence. Even though, of course, I don't think I did".

Outside the courthouse Friday, Breen said Papadopoulos didn't recall ever telling anyone in the campaign about the fact that Russian Federation had dirt on Clinton in the form of emails. "I don't know Papadopoulos".

Papadopoulos defended himself and contradicted White House officials in a CNN special programme Saturday night, "The Mysterious case of George Papadopoulos".

Papadopoulos has been a central figure in the Russian Federation investigation since it began. Although Papadopoulos confirmed that Mifsud told him Russians had "thousands of emails" involving Clinton, he claimed he hadn't yet joined the Trump campaign when they spoke.

The Russian outreach to Papadopoulos was part of a sweeping active measures campaign aimed at the United States that also included overtures toward other political operatives, cyberattacks, agitation on social media and more.

U.S. investigators were only alerted to Papadopoulos's activities in mid-2016 after he told Australia's ambassador to London, Alexander Downer, about his talks with Mifsud during a late-night drinking session in a London pub.

"That was probably in the back of my mind, of what exactly am I doing here talking about Russian hacking or election interference with a candidate that I just worked for", he added.

Prosecutors said Papadopoulos used his contacts with the professor, identified in court papers as Joseph Mifsud, to elevate his status within the campaign and lobby for a meeting between Trump and Russian officials, including President Vladimir Putin.

During his sentencing hearing Papadopoulos said his case should serve as a warning to others.

Papadopoulos was pictured in March 2016 sitting at a table with Trump, then-campaign adviser Jeff Sessions who went on to become USA attorney general, and other foreign policy campaign advisers.

They wrote in a sentencing memo: "Mr Papadopoulos's motives for lying to the Federal Bureau of Investigation were wrongheaded indeed, but far from the sinister spin the government suggests".

A week before his sentencing, Papadopoulos' legal team took a final swipe at the administration.

"So everybody said if you only listened to your mother none of this would have happened", she said.

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