Plaid Shirt Guy at Trump rally goes viral

Kevin Lamarque  ReutersPresident Donald Trump greets the crowd as he arrives for his

Kevin Lamarque ReutersPresident Donald Trump greets the crowd as he arrives for his"Make America Great Again rally in Billings Mont. Sept. 6 2018

He told the Billings Gazette that he was told to "keep clapping, you have to smile, you have to look enthusiastic".

Linfesty and two others were eventually replaced for, well, not being perky and obedient enough, I guess. Some Secret Service guys took me backstage and told me to wait.

"All of those reactions were my actual reactions", he said.

Linfesty claimed nobody actually told him why he was booted from the venue - he says he had his ID checked before being escorted away from the rally, as a piece in USA Today has noted. "I don't think it's appropriate what they did". "But I don't want to do anything that is going to hurt us or potentially hurt us because I've got a feeling that Republicans are going to do really well in the midterms".

Going viral and becoming a meme is pretty easy in the age of Trump: Just stand behind The Orange One at his rallies and - this part's key - make silly faces during his speech.

A woman later approached the man mid-speech and briefly spoke with him before taking his spot in the crowd.

"If the presidential cabinet believes that President Trump is "unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office" as the 25th Amendment states, then every minute they make excuses is a minute that our country is at risk", Warren wrote on her website.

"How do you impeach somebody that's doing a great job?" The two people directly behind Trump for a portion of the event appeared to clearly be there for the express objective of providing a visual commentary track mocking everything he said.

Tyler reportedly managed to have his picture taken with Trump while wearing a Democratic Socialists of America emblem, and also tried getting Trump to sign a copy of the "Communist Manifesto", which was disguised as Trump's book, "The Art of the Deal". A woman came up and told Linfesty she was replacing him.

"When he said something insane, I thought 'Wow that's insane, ' and when he said something I thought was reasonable I thought, 'well, that's reasonable'".

Asked how he feels now about his new-found internet fame, Linfesty said, "It feels unreal".

At one point, during the president's predictable soliloquy on defeating Clinton in 2016-here, awkwardly claiming the electoral college is like running a mile while the popular vote, which Clinton won, is just a 100-yard dash-Linfesty was seen amusedly looking around, muttering to himself, "What?!" "I see people at school recognize me, 'Hey, that's plaid shirt guy.' Yeah, that's me".

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