PM Imran Khan invites Saudi king and crown prince to visit Pakistan

Pakistan PM Imran Khan to watch Indo Pak match today Reports

PM Imran Khan invites Saudi king and crown prince to visit Pakistan

In Kashmir, ever since Khan took over as the Prime Minister, infiltration, terror attacks and militant recruitment has not only continued but assumed deadlier turn with Pakistan sponsored Hizbul Mujahideen terror outfit threatening to kill security personnel in Jammu and Kashmir, as well as family members, if they do not resign in the next few days.

"In the Middle East, we will like (to play a) reconciliatory role to bring the Muslim world together". The newly-elected PM of Pakistan said the country was "ready to discuss terrorism".

Oil on deferred payments might also be offered by Saudi Arabia just like in the past when Pakistan had to face worldwide economic sanctions after carrying out the 1998 nuclear explosions. We will not allow anyone to attack Saudi Arabia. India has since maintained that talks will be held only if a conducive environment for talks is fostered by Pakistan.

Pakistan's foreign ministry said earlier on Thursday that PM Khan had sent a clear message to his Indian counterpart to resume talks and resolve bilateral issues.

Meanwhile, the Foreign Office (FO) of Pakistan has said Imran's letter to PM Modi was written in a "positive spirit", and that the country awaits a formal response from the Indian side.

Pakistan, he said, wanted to assure the people of Saudi Arabia that the country would always stand by them just as "Saudi Arabia stood by us in bad times".

Such a bailout package might mean that Saudi Arabia would deposit a certain amount in Pakistan's exchequer and provide it the necessary "cushion" to survive the drastic depletion in foreign exchange reserves. Whether we win or lose will have no bearing on whether we are going to be able to make peace with the Pakistani authorities. "Unfortunately this is what has been missing". "This is why Pakistan wants to build relationships based on mutual trust".

Chaudhry said a Saudi delegation will be coming to Pakistan in the first week of October, including the Saudi minister for finance and energy, and that should lay down a "foundation for a very big partnership".

"So now in CPEC, our third strategic partner and economic partner will be Saudi Arabia and by the grace of God huge investments will come from Saudi Arabia to Pakistan", he said. "So this whole area is where the future is, I mean huge markets and ... when (our) relationship improves with India, you (also) have (access to) huge market there too", he said.

Afterwards, Modi told Khan that India was ready for a "new era" of ties with Pakistan and called for crafting collective strategy for combating regional challenges.

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