Putin says two Skripal poisoning suspects are civilians and not criminals

Putin says two Skripal poisoning suspects are civilians and not criminals

Putin says two Skripal poisoning suspects are civilians and not criminals

Russian President Vladimir Putin says his government knows who two men are whom United Kingdom police recently accused of poisoning former spy Sergei Skripal.

Putin's comments come after Britain last week charged two alleged agents of Russia's military intelligence agency, GRU, in absentia of the murder attempt, which was done through a nerve agent poisoning.

Speaking at an economic forum in the eastern city of Vladivostok, Putin appeared to deny that they worked for Russia's military intelligence service the Main Directorate, commonly called GRU.

Mr Skripal and Yulia were poisoned in the city of Salisbury in March.

"We know who they are, we have found them already".

Putin said he wants the suspects to come forward and talk to the media. There is nothing particular there, nothing criminal, I hiss you.

"When one country's prime minister accuses the leaders of another country of preparing a terrorist attack, from this point we can not proceed anywhere", he added. One of them, a 44-year-old woman, later died. They spent weeks in hospital before being discharged.

If they do so, it would not be the first time accused Russian assassins have answered global allegations through the Russian media.

As NPR has reported: "Over the course of two days, the men traveled from London to Salisbury, England, twice - once to perform reconnaissance around the Skripals' home, and again to put lethal poison on their front door, police say".

Putin and Russian Federation have vehemently denied having anything to do with the poisoning cases. As a result, Basu said, police weren't yet ready to lay charges in the second poisoning, though the two Russians are the prime suspects.

Russian Federation had previously said the names given to them by British prosecutors were meaningless.

The suspects fled to Russian Federation, who won't extradite them, but they would be arrested if they entered any European Union country. Initially, Russian officials said they had no idea who the men were and questioned the authenticity of some of security-camera photos and video released by Scotland Yard showing them in London and Salisbury, where the poisoning took place.

"For now we are working on a number of measures to push back Russia's activities and do our best to degrade their intelligence services". Two others also fell ill: Sturgess's boyfriend, Charlie Rowley; and police officer Nick Bailey.

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