Sexual predator Bill Cosby sent to prison for up to ten years

Sexual predator Bill Cosby sent to prison for up to ten years

Sexual predator Bill Cosby sent to prison for up to ten years

Facing the possibility of prison at 81, Bill Cosby arrived at a suburban Philadelphia courthouse Tuesday for a continuation of his sentencing hearing for drugging and sexually assaulting a Canadian woman over a decade ago in the first celebrity trial of the #MeToo era.

Throughout the nearly two-day sentencing, the prosecution reiterated Cosby's crimes and what they call his "predatory" nature: "He violated Ms. Constand's trust, which, unbeknownst to her, he spent time and energy cultivating with the specific intent of having sexual contact with her".

The Cosby case "really raised awareness of the pervasiveness of. sexual misconduct against subordinates and against women of relatively less power", said Daniel Filler, dean of Drexel University's law school. The timing is important because Cosby was charged only a few days before the statute of limitations was set to kick in. Cosby was 66, Constand was 30. They go to police, who suggest they record him on a phone call. She has been plagued by overwhelming fear, self-doubt, and isolation, she said.

"To truly understand the impact that the sexual assault has had on my life, you have to understand the person that I was before it happened", it begins. "Nobody", the district attorney said. Cosby didn't testify at either of his two trials.

MARCH: Constand sues Cosby for sexual battery and defamation. Among other proclamations, Wyatt claimed Cosby's trial was the "most racist and sexist in the history of the United States", comparing the actor to embattled Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh and saying both men are victims of a "sex war".

Despite Cosby's stumble as seen above, the comedian didn't appear as dejected earlier.

DECEMBER: The Associated Press petitions to have documents in Constand's 2005 lawsuit unsealed.

Interested in Bill Cosby? The defense wants Cosby sent home on house arrest.

According to the state sentencing guidelines for similar offenses, Cosby could have conceivably gotten anywhere between 22 and 36 months in prison (plus or minus 12 months).

The comedian was arrested in 2015 and a deadlocked jury resulted in a mistrialin June 2017. The judge said that Cosby "could quite possibly be a danger to the community".

JANUARY: Cosby performs in public for the first time since the scandal broke in 2015, taking the stage for about an hour at a Philadelphia jazz club.

"Equal justice under the law does not allow different treatment because of who he is or who he was", O'Neill said.

Constand listens as Montgomery County District Attorney Kevin Steele talks about Cosby finally being behind bars. Three of the six alternates are black.

The judge in the Bill Cosby case has gone to his chambers to weigh the comedian's punishment for a 2004 sexual assault. - Cindra Ladd, a model-turned-Hollywood executive who says Cosby gave her a pill that incapacitated her and then raped her in 1969.

Amber Tamblyn lamented that the sentence of three to 10 years was not almost enough for his dozens of alleged victims.

Cosby was also asked if he understood the terms of his sentencing, most notably that he'll now be included in the state of Pennsylvania's sex-offender registry.

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