Sleep in coffin for 30 hours, earn $300 in creepy contest

Sleep in coffin for 30 hours, earn $300 in creepy contest

Sleep in coffin for 30 hours, earn $300 in creepy contest

Louis in Eureka, Missouri, is posing a challenge to their guests in honor of their yearly Fright Fest celebration.

Plus ones will be allowed during operating hours, but coffin dwellers will be alone during non-operating hours. And while friends and family can keep the "coffin dwellers" company during the day, once night rolls around the contestants will be on their own inside the Six Flags, which will be filled with spooky decorations for the yearly "Fright Fest".

Six Flags will provide breakfast, lunch and dinner in "bed", and there will also be phone charging stations available. The surrogate cadavers are free to bring pillows, blankets, and sleeping bags into their coffins to make their stay more comfortable.

Six Flags St. Louis also states that if more than one contestant can last more than 30 hours within their coffin, there will be a drawing for the $300. All participants remaining will receive the Season Passes and Fright Fest package. This may be a challenge for you.

Oh, the victor also gets to keep their coffin.

To enter, fill out the registration form here and submit it before midnight October 3.

The coffin is also available to take home if the victor desires.

They were treated to chicken paprikash - the same meal that features in the novel - before retiring to two red velvet coffins, just like Dracula's.

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