Sweden election results: Why Sweden Democrats will NOT form coalition government

Ulf Kristersson the leader of the Moderates shakes hands with a voter

Ulf Kristersson the leader of the Moderates shakes hands with a voter

It's much more natural that they would go with the centre-right party. During this election, almost all of Sweden's major political parties-including the Social Democrats and the Moderates-agreed that Sweden should massively reduce migrant arrivals until a Europewide immigration and refugee policy could be reached.

The influence of the far right is being increasingly noticed in Sweden as security and immigration top the agenda.

Today, the Sweden Democrats tries to disrupt the status quo and destroy the party duopoly between the Moderates and the Social Democrats.

Claiming a kingmaker role for this party, Jimmie Åkesson, leader of the Sweden Democrats, said in a speech at his campaign headquarters that his party will now have "influence over Swedish politics".

Today's governing Social Democratic Party, in power throughout World War Two, openly cooperated with Nazi Germany, supplying Hitler with the iron ore he needed to build Germany's tanks and guns.

Around 7.5 million Swedes were eligible to cast a ballot in the vote, with final results expected to be announced before midnight (22:00 GMT).

According to an exit poll released by SVT when voting ended, the Social Democrats-led centre-left bloc and the centre-right bloc, headed by the Moderates, won about 40 percent of the vote each.

However, Stefan Lofven, the Swedish prime minister, will have heaved a sigh of relief at the disappointing result for the nationalist Sweden Democrats, .

The party, which has worked to moderate its image in past years and wants the country to leave the European Union, gained votes amid a backlash against the challenges of integrating hundreds of thousands of immigrants who arrived in the Scandinavian nation over the past years.

The Sweden Democrats have been championing closed borders for years and want to severely restrict immigration and integration. "We don't know who will form the next government, we will probably not know tomorrow, next week or next month", Wolodarski told Al Jazeera.

The center-right Moderate Party is set to take to take third place with 17.7 percent.

Sweden saw itself as a "humanitarian superpower" for years, but a rise in gang violence in areas of high unemployment has won support for the Sweden Democrats.

"The Alliance will not govern or discuss how to form a government with the Sweden Democrats".

Meanwhile, Finance Minister and National Coalition Party leader Petteri Orpo tweeted that Sweden's election results seem to follow the current trend in Europe of party landscapes becoming increasingly fragmented.

Akesson was jubilant as he addressed supporters a day later, declaring the estimated 14 parliament seats the Social Democrats picked up a victory other parties could not ignore in coalition negotiations. The only possible way to form a successful governing coalition, therefore, would be for the parties to secure support from their ideological opponents.

As Nicholas Aylott and Niklas Bolin explained in their preview of the election for EUROPP, there have traditionally been two main blocs in Swedish politics (a left bloc and a right bloc).

"The Alliance have already gone out and locked themselves up in a position", she said.

At the same time, the SD is a one-issue movement, nearly exclusively focusing on immigration - and demanding a much stricter approach to it.

That is if other parties let them - as things stand now, the Sweden Democrats won't have any actual power. Instead, it told a more subtle but increasingly familiar tale now seen across a variety of European parliamentary systems and perhaps further afield, too - that of increasing political fragmentation and the slow decline of dominant political parties. Some critics say that these situations also compel mainstream parties to pander toward the fringes - a criticism that certainly has emerged about Rutte.

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