Syria's Idlib 'must not be transformed into bloodbath': United Nations chief

Syria's Idlib 'must not be transformed into bloodbath': United Nations chief

Syria's Idlib 'must not be transformed into bloodbath': United Nations chief

Kalin said Turkey expects all parties to make "constructive" contributions and agree on a political solution on Syria.

Other aid agencies working in the region raised similar concerns on Monday, with Ahmed Mahmoud, Syria spokesperson for aid group Islamic Relief, telling MEE that some people were seeking shelter under trees because they had nowhere else to go.

Russian Federation and Iran, which support Assad's regime, and Turkey, which backs the moderate opposition, have been in close cooperation for the last 1.5 years that aim at finding a solution to the Syrian conflict.

The repeated denials of such chemical weapons use by the regime of Bashar Al Assad and his Russian sponsors - in the face of all evidence - are being reinforced by Russian counterclaims aimed at obfuscating the issue.

"Film crews from several Middle East TV channels and also a regional branch of a leading U.S. news TV channel arrived in Jisr ash-Shugur this morning for filming".

In the eastern province of Deir Ezzor, US-backed fighters fought to oust IS from the town of Hajin on the east bank of the Euphrates, the most significant remnant of the sprawling "caliphate" the jihadists once controlled spanning Syria and Iraq.

Idlib, which straddles the Turkish border, is mostly under the control of Hay'at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) - a battle-hardened umbrella group of jihadists led by Al-Qaeda's former Syrian affiliate.

Among this patchwork of opposition are over three million civilians.

There are also tens of thousands of rebels from Turkey-backed Free Syrian Army groups as well as millions of civilians - many already displaced from other parts of Syria.

Previously, the Russian Ministry of Defense had accused the US government of planning a new round of airstrikes on Syria, using the false-flag attack allegedly being coordinated by terrorist groups on the ground in Syria as a pretext and justification. Along with Lavrentyev, Russia was represented by Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Vershinin.

"We invite the global community to vocally and actively support our efforts to this end", Sinirlioğlu told the U.N. Security Council during a session on the Syrian province. But head of media for the United Nations Information Service in Geneva, Rheal LeBlanc, said at a UN press briefing here that the talks were continuing Tuesday and would pick up again on Friday.

"Today, we have started with 20 trucks", he added. He also stressed the need to prevent civilian casualties. On the contrary, they would create further suffering, alienate and radicalize more Syrians. S, on the other hand, gave a warning to Syria not to use any kind of chemical weapon.

Nearly one year after the first incident, the Syrian regime allegedly launched a second major chemical weapons assault on a suburb in Damascus, killing dozens of people in Douma.

Russian officials have accused rebels of staging chemical attacks in the past in areas that government forces had been preparing to retake.

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