The new Apple Watch includes an FDA-approved heart monitor

The new Apple Watch includes an FDA-approved heart monitor

The new Apple Watch includes an FDA-approved heart monitor

The new series of its flagship product was unveiled at its annual product launch event in Cupertino on September 12. Apple doesn't release sales figures, but estimates from twoanalysts suggest the company shipped roughly 18 million of the gadgets in 2017.

The Galaxy Watch comes with either a 472 mAh or 270 mAh battery depending on which size you select, and Samsung claims 4 days of battery life with the former. Color in hours are for any taste - Silver (silver), gold (gold), space gray (satellite silver) and gold stainless (Gold steel).

Apple's new watchOS 5 will be available for other Apple Watch models starting September 17.

Heart monitoring is a major focus for the Series 4, and includes three new heart features. Just by looking at the screen you can tell that it is noticeably less cramped than previous models.

While the AHA does not endorse the watch, or any other products and had no role in Apple's ECG app - Benjamin said that the organization is all for any advancements in the tools that can help fight heart disease, the No. 1 killer of Americans.

The Apple Watch Series 4 contains all of the sensors that you'd find in the Galaxy Watch (save for SmartThings and Samsung Pay integration for obvious reasons), but also adds in a few twists. New sensors, faster chips and a louder speaker continue to make it more of a stand-alone device. The new watch "will be a more marked tipping point in understanding and adoption of the product".

Now that the dust has settled from Apple's event, and the Apple Watch Series 4's pre-order phase has begun, we can sit down and go through the various features of the device in question to understand how it'll look and run different to the Watch 3. Apple's Digital Crown has also been improved to provide haptic feedback. There could be a potential downside of having such a crucial feature in a popular consumer device as it could trigger panic and anxiety among users even if they didn't have AFib. On top of that the Apple Watch 4 will be slightly thinner, making it more comfortable to use for athletic purposes.

Apple's two new health features were arguably the biggest hit with the crowd at yesterdays launch.

All the data gathered by the Series 4 will be encrypted and stored in the cloud.

The new ECG app has already been given a De Novo classification by the FDA. In addition to the EKG readings, which simply monitor the heart's functions, the watch can detect irregular heartbeat rhythms and let users know about it.

For fall detection, the feature uses a next-generation accelerometer and gyroscope, which measures up to 32 g-forces, along with custom algorithms to identify when hard falls occur. Texts cost your standard network rate, plus once you've entered we'll do the bit that raises the money for all those good causes and will automatically take a donation of £3, unless you text CANCEL as instructed in the first text message we send you.

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