Tropical Storm Florence Heading Westward Strengthening Forecast

Tropical Storm Florence Heading Westward Strengthening Forecast

Tropical Storm Florence Heading Westward Strengthening Forecast

By next Tuesday, the National Hurricane Center predicts Florence will be on the brink of Category 4 intensity with 130 miles per hour sustained winds.

But East Coast residents can feel reassured about one thing: More than 75 storms have passed within 200 miles of Florence's current location in the Atlantic since hurricane records began in the 1850s, and not a single one made a U.S. landfall. Wind shear is forecast to decrease and the storm will be moving over warmer ocean water. Large uncertainty in model forecasts make it too soon to determine the location, magnitude and timing of the storm's impacts next week.

- All eyes this weekend are out in the Atlantic tracking the movement and intensity of Tropical Storm Florence.

The tropical storm is predicted to re-intensify to a Category 3 hurricane by Monday and odds have increased that it will have direct effects on the East Coast starting between Wednesday and Friday next week anywhere between Florida and southern New England. "At this stage, we're now focusing on preparedness".

As of 5 p.m. ET Thursday, the storm had maximum sustained winds of 80 miles per hour but was expected to reintensify Friday, the National Hurricane Center said.

Foremost among those is Tropical Storm Florence, which is expected to restrengthen into a hurricane next week and looks increasingly likely to hit the East Coast.

The first Category 4 hurricane of 2018 of the Atlantic season, Florence formed near the Cabo Verde Islands last weekend.

Earlier today, Gov. Cooper said state emergency management officials are working with local and federal counterparts to prepare North Carolina for possible impacts from Florence.

The current projected path by the National Hurricane Center for the next few days can be viewed in the second image above.

"Additional tropical waves farther to the east and southeast of Hurricane Florence could also develop into tropical systems", he concluded.

Most storms in that region tend to curve away from the United States.

It is increasingly hard to predict where a storm will track as the time period is extended and the National Hurricane Center has released its predictions for the storm up until Tuesday. The issue that forecasts with a storm beyond the 5 days are very unreliable and is no better than throwing darts onto a board. If they strengthen into tropical storms, they could become Helene and Isaac.

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