Trump voices frustration over Senate delays for Kavanaugh

Trump voices frustration over Senate delays for Kavanaugh

Trump voices frustration over Senate delays for Kavanaugh

But when he does, President Trump lets 'er rip.

Trump is scheduled to speak at 5 p.m. ET from the Lotte New York Palace hotel in New York.

An agitated President Donald Trump acknowledged today that past accusations of sexual misconduct against him have influenced the way he views similar allegations against other men, including his Supreme Court nominee.

During the free-wheeling news conference, Trump continued to lash out at Democrats and label the allegations against Kavanaugh politically motivated. "I can always be convinced".

He lamented that the last-minute onslaught of accusations from the radical left would discourage great people from accepting a nomination to the Supreme Court.

The new allegations, offered in an affidavit provided to the Senate by the accuser's attorney on the eve of a hearing to examine other allegations of alleged sexual assault, say Kavanaugh took part in efforts during high school to intoxicate girls so that a group of boys could have sex with them.

The allegations against Kavanaugh were front and center at the news conference.

While Trump survived the 13-point gap, Republican strategists are particularly concerned about the shift in college-educated white women, who play an outsized role in the suburban districts that will decide the House majority this fall.

In Bob Woodward's recent book about the Trump administration, he writes that Trump once told a friend who had acknowledged treating women badly: "You've got to deny, deny, deny and push back on these women".

According to Trump, China has "actually admitted that they're going after farmers".

Trump said on Wednesday that Washington and Pyongyang had made "a tremendous amount of progress" on denuclearisation since past year.

He said that he was looking forward to the accuser and Kavanaugh testifying during Thursday's Senate hearing.

"It's possible I'll hear that and say, 'hey, I'm changing my mind, '" Trump said of the anticipated testimony. You know why? I told Mike Pompeo, I said, Mike, don't get into the time.

"President Obama thought you had to go to war".

North Korea's State Security Department now worries that public sentiment in Pyongyang may be favoring the South Korean president over Kim Jong Un, he said.

Asked about the decision to have a veteran Arizona prosecutor handle the questioning in the Judiciary Committee, Trump said Senate Republicans "could not be nicer" and "could not be more respectful".

"His tariffs are too high, he doesn't seem to want to move and I've told him forget about it", Trump complained, adding: "We're very unhappy with the negotiations and the negotiating style of Canada".

"These are false - to me - these are all false accusation in certain cases, and in certain cases, even the media agrees with that", he said. "And she said she was totally inebriated, and she was all messed up".

President Trump used an ethnic term to refer to a reporter at Wednesday's press conference - to the consternation of the US press corps but the delight of the reporter in question.

"We have evidence. We have evidence". Trump apologised but also defended himself, dismissing his comments as "locker-room talk". "It's a very tough situation for a woman; there's no question about it", he said.

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