United Kingdom prime minister says no, again, to 2nd Brexit vote

Theresa May

British Prime Minister Theresa May. Getty

"Either of those outcomes could variously involve more serious economic consequences than anything seen so far, the fall of the Conservative government, a general election, and either the election of the dysfunctional Labour Party or another hung Parliament".

He said it "beggared belief" that one of the richest countries in the world was talking about stockpiling food and medicine.

However he suggested blame should be shared by the Government, Parliament as whole and those on Whitehall who were tasked with making key decisions.

"Labour members, Labour voters and many Labour MPs remain strongly pro-European".

The Commons resumed after the summer recess, with the pace of Brexit talks in Brussels intensifying in the hope of achieving a deal this autumn. "That's why GMB supports your right to decide what sort of Brexit is the right Brexit".

John Whittingdale, who sits on the the Brexit select committee, said that Michel Barnier "made clear" that the Chequers proposal was "not acceptable to the European Commission" as it undermined the integrity of the single market. "What we need at this time is serious leadership with a serious plan and that is exactly what the country has with this prime minister and this Brexit plan".

Meanwhile the prime minister Theresa May has continued to rule out the possibility of a new vote, insisting that it would be a "gross betrayal of our democracy".

In both scenarios, 10% of the 1,022 people who were questioned did not know how they would vote.

"It doesn't tell us anything about whether the policy of staying in the European Union is good or bad, it tells us everything about the incompetence of the preparation for it".

One of the committee, former Conservative minister John Whittingdale, said it had become clear in the meeting that the European Union "just can't accept" the Chequers plan, because it thinks it goes against the principles of the single market.

However he warned that such plans cannot be drawn up in six months and would take several years.

He said that the real "scandal" was "not that we have failed, but that we have not even tried" on Brexit.

For understandable reasons, the record industry offers precious few examples of a slightly more accomplished artist covering a bad song by an inferior singer, so it is hard to place Mr Raab's reworking of some of Davis's very worst lines in their appropriate context.In fact, after nearly half an hour's deliberation, one finally springs to mind, and that would be Johnny Cash's significant improvement of "Hurt" by Nine Inch Nails. The poll was commissioned by Best for Britain, an body campaigning for Britain to keep an open mind on retaining its European Union membership.

If there is no agreement that can win the backing of the House of Commons, the United Kingdom could face a choice of leaving with no deal or deferring Brexit and holding a new referendum, he said.

Asked if Arron Banks was welcome to rejoin the Tory Party, Dr Fox said: "That's up to individuals, are they willing to believe what we believe, if they do, they are welcome, the Conservative Party is a broad church". "It is about getting Brexit right", he will say.

"This isn't about frustrating Brexit".

"A price would undoubtedly be paid in terms of social cohesion but it would be a necessary one to protect the damage to people's jobs, families and lives".

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