Why umpires are 'fearful' after Serena Williams meltdown

Voices in the tennis world have spoken out both in support and condemnation of US tennis champion Serena Williams after the angry outburst that cost her a game, and possibly the match, during her US Open final on Saturday.

After the controversial match, Williams immediately embraced the young athlete once she noticed that Osaka pulled down her visor and started to cry while the loud boos echo in the stadium.

"I know the way that I was brought up, people tell me I act kind of Japanese so I guess there is that". Critics say his exaggerated depiction of Williams's physical features is reminiscent of historically racist cartoons and that he white washed the appearance of Japan's Osaka by drawing her with a blonde ponytail.

Osaka's opponent, fan-favorite Serena Williams, melted down on the court, exploding on chair umpire Carlos Ramos after being penalized for getting coached on the side by her coach, Patrick Mouratoglou.

William's match with 20-year-old Naomi Osaka of Japan was clouded with controversy after Ramos issued a code violation to Williams during play, saying she had received coaching during the match - a point Williams strongly denied.

The first violation was for coaching, which Williams argued against.

According to McEnroe, Ramos should not have given Williams a violation for breaking her racquet and should have warned her early on about what would happen if she did not move on. It was at this point that Ramos called a code violation for verbal abuse. Williams was already down, and ultimately lost the final.

"Because it was my first final and my first Grand Slam victory, overall I felt really happy and I know that I accomplished a lot". "I think it's a matter of having a conversation with the two guys and saying let's cut it out, let's slow it down, and then perhaps not understanding how they can have the same conversation with the females".

Serena Williams of the United States yells at chair umpire Carlos Ramos at the 2018 U.S. Open tennis tournament at USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center, Sept. 8, 2018. "We have to treat each other fairly and the same".

Ramos, who is from Portugal, spoke briefly to Portuguese newspaper Tribuna Expresso this week.

Naomi Osaka said on Thursday Serena Williams's row with the umpire during the US Open final had not altered her feelings about winning a Grand Slam, largely because she had no idea how she was supposed to react.

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