Bigg Boss 12 Day 17: Luxury Budget Task Or 'Kushti Ka Maidaan'?

Bigg Boss 12 Weekend Ka Vaar gets exciting as Salman Khan welcomes Tabu & Ayushmann Khurrana and grills the housemates

Bigg Boss 12 Day 17: Luxury Budget Task Or 'Kushti Ka Maidaan'?

He mimicks Dipika and asks Sree whether he had eaten eggs. Saba tries to snatch Nehha's balls after which Nehha gets into a physical-fight with her. Saba goes and complains to the sanchaalaks - Surbhi and Somi. Apart from this, Karanvir Bohra asked Deepak Kumar to not only go completely hairless but also shave his head to save partner Urvashi Vani from the nominations "prakriya". Somi starts shouting and tells them that she does not want to discuss the matter any further.

Srishty lashes out at Shivashish for using a derogatory word against her.

# Dipika tells Sreesanth that she can not prove herself now and adds that she has never said anything against him. The contestants welcomed two wild card entries, recently evicted Romil Chaudhury and Surbhi Rana.

After an intriguing episode of Bigg Boss 12 on Tuesday, in which the housemates fought their way out in the Nominations Task, today's going to be another one filled with thrills and chills. In the task, each single contestant will hold captive one member from each jodi. As Shivashish was ready to meet all the demands, he and Saurabh were declared safe and Srishty got nominated. Dipika had a friendly chat with Jasleen saying she could have trimmed her hair a bit; she also told her she did not have any personal grudge against her. Surbhi, who has been trying to instigate the contestants, told Dipika she was quite extreme. She tries to negotiate, but in vain. Surbhi even mimicks Dipika.

Adding to all the drama, the latest teaser shows Anup making it very clear in front of all the housemates that he is deeply hurt by Jasleen's decision and he will continue his remaining journey in the house alone. She breaks down into tears. He says that he will play individually from now on!

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