Black Mirror will let you decide characters' fates interactively



The interactive option is something Netflix has experimented with for some children's programming, but this marks the first foray into adult programming, and Black Mirror is really the ideal type of show to incorporate this.

Given its sci-fi and anthological nature, Black Mirror pretty much the ideal test dummy, as each episode stands alone, with each utilizing a completely different setting, cast of characters, and overall style and structure.

The fifth season of the Emmy-winning anthology series Black Mirror will reportedly premiere in December of 2018 and will bring with it an episode that will allow viewers to choose how events in the story play out.

Netflix previously tested its plausibility with kids TV show Puss in Book, and is now testing it out for adult shows as well. Netflix plans on having shows and movies that have interactive storylines that viewers will be able to control throughout the duration of the project. Telltale Games, the company that was working with Netflix on the show, recently laid off most of its staff. Black Mirror lends itself to that type of idea really well, so it will be very interesting to see how they pull it off. Netflix got on board in 2015, acquiring the rights to past episodes and the rights to release future seasons.

A new report from Bloomberg reveals the fifth season of Black Mirror is expected to arrive this December, which makes sense considering the last two seasons dropped around then.

Producers of interactive TV are hoping Netflix's growing investment is a sign that their time in the spotlight is approaching.

But this would be the first time Netflix has attempted to add viewer choice to live-action shows - and beyond Black Mirror, the streaming service has allegedly closed at least one other deal with an unidentified show to include the additions, with more deals close to completion according to Bloomberg. Directed by Steven Soderbergh, the longer version of "Mosaic" was available in a separate app.

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