Dancing Queen: Theresa May pokes fun at her limited dance moves

Southend and Rochford MP calls for vote of no confidence in Theresa May

Southend and Rochford MP calls for vote of no confidence in Theresa May

The embattled British Prime Minister strutted onto the stage to the gloriously joyful refrain from the Swedish hitmakers, unaware that she was well and truly wrecking any chance of enjoying the song in the future without referring back to this very bad moment in history.

Oh, and then there's been all the times she's been photographed curtseying oddly to members of the royal family - something that's also not hepled establish her as the world's most agile being.

The final day of the conference will see May deliver her keynote speech, telling delegates about her vision for post-Brexit Britain.

The PM went on to solidify her "Maybot" move on Wednesday at the Conservative Party's annual conference, when she emerged on stage in all her glory grooving to Abba's Dancing Queen.

May as she walked out on stage today dancing to ABBA.

Another added: "Her advisers must really have it in for her". Her uncomfortable attempts to get foot-loose and boogie with young students in South Africa and then again in Kenya drew a wave of ridicule from internet users.

She has just danced on to the stage.

Her performance before her conference speech had a mixed reaction.

Something tells us they might not take her up on that one.

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