Derrick Lewis gave an epic post-match interview at UFC 229

UFC 229 Weigh In Results

Derrick Lewis gave an epic post-match interview at UFC 229

While three top-six fighters threw down Saturday at UFC 229, a fourth, No. 5-ranked Kevin Lee, watched and waited. A victory over Pettis would assert that he is still the man that the victor of the main event needs to face in order to boast that they are truly the best lightweight in the world today.

Pettis defended few attacks like a pro.

Anthony Pettis was the UFC lightweight champ for a spell, and though he's since fallen down the ladder a bit, he's remained an elite - and highly creative - striker. Pettis is bleeding as well.

Ferguson was constantly moving forward using his lead jab and front kicks to keep Pettis inside his range and never giving the former lightweight champion room to breathe.

Pettis with incredible right hand, Ferguson in trouble.

Tony Ferguson took on Kevin Lee in his last fight and actually defeated him with a Triangle Choke.

Good straight punch by Ferguson. Ferguson is a big athlete for the weight class and uses an unorthodox attack on the feet. Ferguson did a reverse somersault to try to get out of the way. Lots of pressure here from Ferguson and he just avoids a kick. However, the fight itself was insane at the level it took place.

Pettis should look to attack with high volume while staying on the outside.

"We are down two rounds in the most important fight of your life, I need you to turn this up".

There isn't a much more clear path to victory for Formiga, who is skilled with getting his opponents to the ground. Ferguson in the full guard, but he stands up.

The pair were going at it knowing a shot against the victor of the Conor McGregor vs Khabib Nurmagomedov was on the cards. Dustin Poirier will meet Nate Diaz in what is expected to be a dynamic collision in a month's time. The commission is withholding Nurmagomedov's $2 million fight purse.

Tony Ferguson Defeats Anthony Pettis In One Of The Best Matches Ever, Showtime's Coach Stopped The Fight Due To A Broken Arm!

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