East Texas health officials say get your flu shot

Your excuses for skipping a flu shot are totally bogus

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"The messaging is get your flu shot regardless of which one it is, but we do have the high dose vaccine available to our seniors, but that's not available until October 29", said Mansourian-Christakos.

You must be logged in to view this content. Flu shots help protect not only you, but those around you.

The flu vaccine is a preventive measure for people with other chronic illnesses, such as cardiac, diabetes and lung diseases. They actually develop in the body around two weeks after vaccination, which is why it's important to get the flu shot promptly at the beginning of flu season (in October and before Halloween). Its vaccine, created with genetic sequencing and grown with tobacco, can be retrofitted to immunize against nearly any virus so long as its DNA can be obtained.

The Thomas Jefferson Health District has designated its Thursday Immunization Clinic at the Charlottesville/Albemarle Health Department for flu vaccines.

"Currently, vaccination is the best prevention of viral diseases".

Meanwhile, the nasal vaccine should not be given to children, pregnant women, elderly after 50 years old, and asthma patients. The flu jab is the safest way to help protect you and your baby against flu, no matter how many months pregnant you are or however fit and healthy you may feel.

NHS advice is to make the vaccination a priority as flu can be serious for those at risk and result in complications that can lead to hospitalisation.

Chris Faldon, nurse consultant at NHS Borders, said: "Flu is a serious illness which can be life threatening and kills more people in this country than any other vaccine-preventable disease".

Each flu vaccine available protects you against three strains of the virus or protects against four. In the survey taken for the 2016-2017 flu season, 78.6% of respondents reported receiving the seasonal flu vaccine.

This season, protect yourself - and those around you - from influenza.

He adds that it is hard to predict the type of influenza season we will see this year, but if it's anything like last year it will be milder.

The Flu Pandemic of 1918 wiped out nearly 40 million people worldwide including almost 1 million Americans.

There is no live flu virus in flu shots.

Each year, the flu season can be extremely risky and it is vastly important to protect both oneself and the people that one comes in contact with every day.

Autumn is here and the nights are drawing in, so it's really important we take the time to look after ourselves - and one of the best things we can do is get the flu jab. After all, people who choose to opt out of the flu shot commonly blame the fact that the vaccination isn't always effective - which is true, but it's still better than not getting vaccinated at all. Which shows why you should consider getting a flu shot. Wilson had pushed for the laws to silence critics of his administration and its plans to enter World War I. But as John M. Barry writes in "The Great Influenza", the laws also were used to keep information about the flu from scaring the public.

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