IPhone XS Max vs Galaxy Note 9 Real-World Speed Test

The silver edition of the Galaxy Note 9

The silver edition of the Galaxy Note 9

In South Korea, Samsung also launched a special programme in which the company purchases used Galaxy products from buyers of the Galaxy Note 9. The XMM 7560 is the first Intel LTE modem with support for all four big USA carriers, so Apple doesn't need to split its production with both Intel and Qualcomm modems - all iPhone XS units will include the Intel modem. The 7560 is Intel's first modem to support all four USA wireless carriers, letting Apple drop Qualcomm, the world's dominant high-end modem supplier. The hardware tests were done using the Rohde & Schwarz measurement equipment.

The performance of Intel's latest Intel modem is more important than usual because that's all Apple is using now.

In usual waist height and head height drop tests, both the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max survived without any problem.

At PC Magazine, Sascha Segan has compared LTE speeds of the iPhone X to XS, and the latter is substantially faster.

Ookla noted that the iPhone X performance after upgrading from iOS 11 to iOS 12 is similar to the performance levels of Qualcomm versions of iPhone X running iOS 11.

The tests were conducted on 20MHz channel of Band 4.

The first thing you see is the effect of the new 4x4 MIMO antennas. The feature also helps boost the device's performance when the signal conditions are weak, the report notes. Apple was the last major manufacturer to adopt 4x4 MIMO, and it was desperately needed. Galaxy Note 9 could more clearly convey the reality of the pictures, and good white balance. The iPhone XS Max LTE speed is almost double that of the iPhone X under good conditions.

Let's zoom in on very weak signal results.

The iPhone XS Max comes closest to its Android rivals at signal levels below -120 dBm, when there is between zero and one bar of reception.

If you're wondering how the iPhone XS compares with the XS Max, they're pretty much the same.

This is a stark contrast to previous iPhone XS investigations which have largely suggested that the battery claims don't actually materialize in the real world.

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