Massive lines outside Canada marijuana shops after country legalizes weed

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Massive lines outside Canada marijuana shops after country legalizes weed

On the first day of legalization in Canada, Quebec's crown cannabis corporation had recorded more than 12,500 in-store transactions and 30,000 online orders, which "far exceeds" its expectations.

Despite only a handful of recreational cannabis shops being open in Saskatchewan on October 17, six to be exact, thousands of people lined up and bought pot legally for the first time in Canada.

Sinclair said the product only stays on shelves for a matter of days or weeks before it's shipped to dispensaries or retailers across Canada.

Provinces and businesses have been struggling to prepare, and legalization was pushed back from original expectations of a July start to enable setting up distribution and sales networks.

No private retail stores and only one BCLDB-branch operated outlet, located in Kamloops, opened as of Wednesday. In Prince Edward Island, total sales on the first day was more than $152,000 after tax, almost $21,000 of which was online.

But because there's only one store open in the province at this time, online purchases are what truly took off. Zanocco says about 9,100 customers placed orders through the online store within the first 24 hours. We continue to have a strong mix of products in all locations for our customers and look forward to another great day today.

How much of a dent British Columbia's legal sales of recreational cannabis will make in the black market for weed remains an open question while the province keeps retail pricing under wraps. Eastern Canada consumers had a basket size of between $60 and $70, but in Quebec and Alberta it was $90 and $100, respectively, he said in a note to clients. A line formed outside the doors Thursday, prior to opening.

Private retailer Thomas Clarke in Newfoundland and Labrador said he is continuing to turn away customers at his store in Portugal Cove-St.

More than half of the cannabis flowers for sale sold out. Still, the province's public safety minister doesn't foresee a supply shortage. "Certainly there's a little more into opening a cannabis store in a completely new environment", Makowsky said. "As we've said, there will be enforcement in place but I've said a number of times now that enforcement is going to take place as more and more legal stores open".

"(It's) not our government's initiative but this was from the feds and we're doing the best we can.

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