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Source Facebook Speaker GborgbortorSource Facebook

Melania Trump helped feed baby elephants as she visited a national park in Kenya to highlight conservation efforts.

NAIROBI, Kenya A half a world away from the spectacle of Washington, Melania Trump still managed to create one of her own during a Kenyan safari today, riding out into the grassland wearing a crisp white pith helmet - a common symbol of European colonial rule.

Mrs Trump has been received by First Lady Margaret Kenyatta and former United States ambassador Robert Godec at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport this evening.

On her second stop visiting Malawi, she toured the Chipala Primary School in Lilongwe. Mrs Trump will be visting Kenya for two days with eyes set on health, education and environmental conservation as her key agenda.

She also went to Ghana's Obama Hall, named after President Barack Obama after his visit to Africa in 2009.

The Africa trip is thought to have been part of an attempt to do some damage control after President Trump's disparaging remarks about the continent.

Mrs. Trump seemed reticent at first but she eventually stepped down from the platform she was standing on to take a large milk bottle with a big red nipple and feed some of the orphaned elephants being raised at the park a few miles outside of downtown Nairobi.

The baby jumbo made a run, startling the US First Lady who jumped off and nearly fell on her back.

"Meeting those children and understanding their different way of life is why I wanted to travel here", Trump said.

Mrs. Trump opened the trip Tuesday in Ghana.

As Miliam sat sounding out letters and words, Trump sat with her hands clasped and smiled as she watched the group.

Egypt will be the next and final stop on her Africa tour.

"The first lady is going to spend time in schools and hospitals, and that's wonderful", Brigety said.

A small handful of protesters held signs along roads in the capital Lilongwe, with one criticising President Trump's reported use of offensive language to describe some African countries earlier this year. "It is a lovely thing to see", the president said.

First Lady Margaret Kenyatta welcomes US First Lady Melania Trump at JKIA on October 04, 2018.

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