NASA astronaut, Russian cosmonaut make emergency landing on earth

Cosmonaut Alexei Ovchinin and NASA astronaut Nick Hague at the pre-launch ceremony in Kazakhstan

Cosmonaut Alexei Ovchinin and NASA astronaut Nick Hague at the pre-launch ceremony in Kazakhstan

In 2008, Expedition 16 crew experienced a similar steep ballistic descent on return from the ISS as did cosmonauts returning from the Salyut space station in 1979.

The two astronauts are making an emergency landing after a Russian booster rocket carrying them into orbit to the International Space Station has failed after launch.

The launch took place at the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan at 2:40 pm.

As a result, Russian Federation has launched a criminal investigation into the rocket failure.

The three astronauts now on board the space station have been informed of the failed launch and their schedule for the day is being reshuffled, since they'll no longer be able to greet the incoming duo. In 1975, a manned Soyuz failed to separate between stages during an ascent and triggered the abort system. Cosmonauts Vladimir Titov and Gennady Strekalov separated the capsule and landed safely near the launchpad. "A lot of people very, very happy". That was a quick flight, ' he said in a calm voice in a streamed video of the incident.

"If it's something simple and easily fixable, then they could get back to flight fairly quickly - but things with rockets are hardly ever simple and easily fixable".

Search and rescue crews retrieved the crew, returning them to Zhezkazgan, Kazakhstan.

The latest failure yesterday, amid a long string of Russian rocket crashes, was another black eye for the Roscosmos space agency.

It was an unprecedented mishap for the Russian space programme and a criminal investigation is now under way to determine whether safety regulations had been violated during construction. "That's an fantastic capability and we can't understate how important it is. Not every mission that fails, ends up so successful", he added.

"Thank you all for your support & heartfelt prayers", he tweeted from Star City.

Russian officials said all manned space flight missions would be suspended until investigators figure out what went wrong.

He said a panel of experts is looking into the specific reason that prevented the booster's separation.

While the Soyuz rocket is considered a reliable launch vehicle in the space sector, this is not the first failure in the Soyuz program's history. The Americans are working on three others - SpaceX Crew Dragon, Boeing Starliner, and NASA/ESA Orion - but none of them will be ready by sometime next year at the soonest. "And for that, we're extremely grateful".

David Saint-Jacques is scheduled to co-pilot the capsule December 20 and become the first Canadian at the orbiter since now-retired astronaut Chris Hadfield returned to Earth in 2013.

Krikalyov said that "in theory" the International Space Station which serves as a scientific lab could remain unmanned but added Russian Federation would do "everything possible not to let this happen".

In August, the International Space Station crew spotted a hole in a Russian Soyuz capsule docked to the orbiting outpost that caused a brief loss of air pressure before being patched. Not that it matters to the US: NASA is now prohibited by Congress from working with the Chinese space agency due to security fears.

"From everything we have seen, the crew is in great shape", Wiseman said. "The conservation of the station is possible, but it's undesirable". However, this could be a problem for the current ISS crew. "It has been a hard day", Bridenstine said on Thursday.

The US space agency has now confirmed the ISS crew members were intercepted by search and rescue operations.

Officials said the two felt fine and did not need any treatment.

"I think this demonstrates how important it is. not be dependent on one system or another system".

NASA officials now must decide how or whether to maintain a US presence on the $100 billion orbital research laboratory.

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