Red Sox did not invite Curt Schilling to World Series ceremony

Rosenthal To nobody’s surprise Eduardo Nuñez was ready for his big moment

Rosenthal To nobody’s surprise Eduardo Nuñez was ready for his big moment

Outspoken conservative Curt Schilling's right-wing opinions may have cost the right-hander an invite to a World Series ceremony commemorating a championship team he was a huge part of.

In his statement, Schilling acknowledged his feelings were, "in one sense", hurt as a result of being snubbed.

David Ortiz, Pedro Martinez, Kevin Millar, Tim Wakefield, Jason Varitek, Keith Foulke and Alan Embree were on hand for a ceremonial first pitch at Fenway Park.

"No need. I will sleep soundly again tonight because I know what I did in 2004, the men on that field know what I did", Schilling wrote. Before CRTV, he had a show with Breitbart News, and campaigned for Trump in 2016. Though Schilling, who is local, was not invited, Red Sox executive told the Boston Globe's Dan Shaughnessy it was "not out of spite".

White privileged rich "men" hate me?

In the clip above, Schilling further addresses the issue, reiterating much of what he said in his Facebook post and adding that "I know who I am, I know what I am, and my rings are still there, my trophies are still on the shelf". "Most importantly? The men who sit in that ivory tower and pass their judgment from on high know EXACTLY what I did and it shames them as men knowing they'll never in their lives be able to do anything remotely close to that".

This morning, he stated, "One thing I do know for a fact".

Said Schilling, "I wanted to write this because I have been overwhelmed with DM's, PM's and texts to a level I had no concept of, of people apologizing for the Sox. It was originally just going to be Pedro and David and Wake and Millar, but we heard from a few others and they are included". "I'm a liberal yeah - I don't line up with ever single view".

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