Russia Completes Delivery of S-300 System to Syria

Russia Completes Delivery of S-300 System to Syria

Russia Completes Delivery of S-300 System to Syria

Israel says it is not responsible and blames Syria for the incident.

"The regime controlled just 26% of Syrian territory" when Russian Federation intervened, said Abdel Rahman, compared with close to two-thirds now.

The strikes were seen as a warning to Iran's regional adversaries at a time when its nuclear deal with world powers is coming unraveled.

The attack was a revenge for the terrorist attack in southwestern Iran which was claimed by both Daesh and the separatist al-Ahwazia terror group.

The Syrian government and its allies, as well as the U.S-led coalition are separately battling IS, which still controls a sliver of land along Syria's border with Iraq.

"I hope that they did not", Nauert told reporters in Washington when asked about the Russian announcement.

Ryan said US forces were not in danger during the attack, "but any time anyone just fires missiles through uncoordinated air space, it's a threat".

Six missiles were fired from a distance of 570 kilometers while seven drones bombarded the positions of the terrorists in Syria, Islamic Republic News Agency reported.

The Guard also published pictures it described as the targets hit, which appeared to be villas.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a Britain-based war monitor, said the vehicles were heading to Turkish monitoring posts, including in the southwestern parts of Idlib.

Cmdr. Robertson stated the Iran acted not like "professional" military forces such as those of the US-led coalition and of Russian Federation de-conflicting their operations to ensure maximum safety.

The Russian Defense Ministry on Wednesday released footage showing delivery of the S-300 advanced anti-aircraft system to Syria, weeks after it blamed Israel for the downing of one of its spy planes by a less-sophisticated Syrian air defense missile.

Russian Federation has delivered its powerful S-300 missile defense systems to Syria after losing 15 servicemembers and a spy plane to a friendly fire incident during an Israeli air raid.

Moscow has followed through on its prior vow to move "swiftly and appropriately" in response to Israel's massive September 17 airstrikes on Syria which resulted in the accidental downing of a Russian reconnaissance plane with 15 people on board by Syrian defenses.

IS has lost nearly all its territory since in Syria, where Russian Federation and Iran have backed President Bashar al-Assad.

The Israeli Air Force has used jointly military exercises with Greece and Bulgaria to prepare for a potential situation where it will have to perform missions against the S-300 surface-to-air missile system.

"In conformity with the presidential decision, we have begun to carry out a number of measures to reinforce Syria's air defense systems in order to ensure better protection for our servicemen". A four-year-old child was among the killed.

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