Scam Alert: Don't Fall For This Facebook 'Friend Request From You' Message

Officials warn against Facebook hoax messages

Officials warn against Facebook hoax messages

"There appears to be no reason at this time to forward a message telling friends that their account may have been cloned without having actually received a duplicate friend request", said the report. I had to do the people individually.

Officials are using Facebook users about a message that is actually a hoax that has now gone viral.

Facebook really did fess up to a "security issue" a couple of weeks ago, and noted that nearly 50 million accounts may have been affected by it.

"Stop forwarding that latest warning from your Facebook friends about being hacked". The message claims that the sender received a suspicious friend request from you, and that the proper way to address this disturbing news is to immediately share the message they sent to you with all your friends. However, Facebook told a local ABC News affiliate in Syracuse that it has not seen a rise in cloned accounts.

Facebook was yet to comment on this. There is no bug or virus now confirmed that is sending your Friends fake requests.

Facebook has said that this message is false.

The post circulating around is another one of those chain letter hoaxes, according to authorities.

Facebook said that it was aware of the hoax.

Some users who forwarded the message took to social media, saying their accounts have been hacked. The real scam involves forwarding the message on to all of your friends and misinforming people.

You can also do a quick search on Facebook of your name to see if there are any secondary Facebook accounts with your name. Thanks to a few well-meaning users, the message blew up and has been sent to thousands, if not millions of people.

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