Verizon to Offer 'Companion' Phone, Palm

Verizon to Offer 'Companion' Phone, Palm

Verizon to Offer 'Companion' Phone, Palm

Almost every smartphone out there has an "all-screen" design, which means the display occupies virtually all the available real estate on the front. Meanwhile, a handful of glaring design problems continue to be unsolved. The company is now entering the United States smartphone market under the "PALM" brand that it acquired from HP.

"Palm envisions you using this phone as your secondary device, one which you bring with you on weekend adventures, vacations, hikes, or during other times when having your all-encompassing main smartphone would either be impractical or unnecessary". It's Verizon exclusive in the U.S. and costs $350 (or approx Rs 25,835). Plus, it can do more things since it runs full-on Android and has a 12MP camera on the back.

Palm, a major mobile and PDA brand in the 1990s, died in the hands of HP after it bought it in 2010.

But the most interesting feature is something called Life Mode.

It's good that small is back!

If you're interested, the Palm phone is scheduled to release in November and will cost $349.99.

This Palm also points directly at the issue most phonemakers only deign to wink at: That we tend to use our phones too much.

Why force yourself to use a 3.3-inch screen that has an unfamiliar user interface and can't deliver the same power or experience as a real smartphone? Some would argue that an LTE-enabled smartwatch could function the same way as the Palm phone but perhaps this could be a viable alternative for those who don't want something on their wrist (or who like traditional mechanical watches).

The first Palm product looks like a tiny smartphone but it is not really pitched as one.

It's purposefully useless as a phone replacement and questionably better as a supplement.

The idea of the device is that it can be tucked into a pocket (or even strapped to the wrist using wrist bands that the company is designing).

In a case, it sounds commonplace to users, this is on account of tech heavyweights Apple and Google have just grasped decreasing the reliance on their items, to a great extent through applications that track the utilization and, sometimes, square access to key highlights.

Need time away from your phone? Here is another gadget to buy for several hundred dollars. "Presumably, another even smaller phone".

However, do not think that just because the phone is small it lacks something.

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