What to expect When Apple releases new iPads and Macs next week

What to expect When Apple releases new iPads and Macs next week

What to expect When Apple releases new iPads and Macs next week

Apple is expected to bring a range of new Mac machines at its October 30 event in NY. If you're going to spend some of your hard-earned cash on a new iPad Pro, which start from £619 in the Apple Store, you don't want your new toy to be outdated within days, right? Updated iPad Pros are nearly a certainty at this point, as is a refreshed Apple Pencil. A faster processor that's a variant of the A12 Bionic chip recently added to the iPhone XS and iPhone XR.

Alongside the new iPad Pro, it's possible Apple will announce a handful of new accessories. Even better, thanks to its beefy internals, the iPad Pro would be able to output 4K HDR video to an external monitor over USB-C. The new 2018 model will have iPhone X design cues, such as an edge-to-edge display with slimmer bezels, while also sport a USB-C connector instead of Lightning for charging, for the first time on an iOS device. This will be a huge shift towards a more universal standard, all mobile Apple devices have relied on lightning port till now. Unnamed sources also mention a custom Apple graphics chip will debut for the first time, but in an iPad. Notably, the new models appeared on the EEC database weren't a part of the list that emerged earlier this year, alongside five unknown iPad models. There's no reason to believe Apple won't once again livestream the event on its site, but Gizmodo will also be there, keeping you looped in on all the new hardware and why it matters.

Similar to the MacBook Air, Apple's pint-sized Mac Mini desktop computer hasn't been updated for years.

But the new MacBook Air is probably a more awaited product.

There are other devices the tech giant might reveal too, including Apple's frequently-delayed AirPower charging pad and the often-rumoured 2nd-generation version of its wireless Bluetooth AirPods.

Apple was widely expected to finally put the AirPower on sale after its September iPhone event. After rumors for a 2018 iPad Pro refresh, today's news falls in line with Apple's strategy of introducing upgrades across its product portfolio.

Last updated back in 2014, the Mac Mini technically isn't completely dead yet, but it sure seems like Apple is keeping it on minimal life support to appease home theatre enthusiasts and app developers who don't need a powerhouse machine. According to the Bloomberg report, the new Mac Mini will get new processors and features for professional users.

Apple's wireless earbuds, AirPods, have been included in rumors, with the anticipation of an updated feature set that includes Siri integration and a wireless charging case.

There are a variety of rumours circulating about the new AirPods, including noise-cancelling and water resistance, but one feature the new version of the earbuds will nearly certainly get is wireless charging given that Apple first revealed the earbuds' new wireless charging case previous year.

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