With deal on judges, Senate goes home for the elections

Brett Kavanaugh is the first member of the Supreme Court to hire an all-female class of law clerks

Dozens who are against the confirmation Brett Kavanaugh protest outside the office of Sen. Chuck Schumer in New York. Spencer Platt Getty Images

Kavanaugh has also begun moving in to his new office at the Supreme Court, taking over space previously used by Justice Samuel Alito, who moved into offices vacated by Kennedy.

"I'm not saying nobody could do it. but it requires a lot of force, more than you might think", Roberts said.

"He has played a double role in this historic moment", said former clerk Porter Wilkinson.

Republican Senate candidates have seen a substantial increase in enthusiasm among likely voters since Kavanaugh's confirmation.

After polls had tightened last month, Texas Republican Ted Cruz now has an 8-point and 9-point lead over Democrat Beto O'Rourke in recent polls by NYT/Siena and Quinnipiac, respectively. He has denied the allegations.

Trump is expected to spread that message over multiple campaign rallies, including this week in Iowa, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Kentucky. And no litigant has asked her to.

A probable explanation for why Doctor Blasey Ford does not recall all the finer details surrounding her attack, is that the brain's hippocampus is impeded by fear, according to various studies including those of neuroscientists and forensic psychologists such as doctors James Hopper and David Lisak.

Overall, 51 percent of American disapprove of his appointment to the Supreme Court, while only 41 percent approve. For example, she stepped aside when the court twice upheld the use of race as a factor in university student admissions, a policy known as affirmative action.

The first complaint, though, was filed September 10 - before the sexual assault allegation came out - and accuses Kavanaugh of lying when he told the Senate Judiciary Committee at a hearing in early September that he hadn't received information stolen from Senate Democrats when he was working in the White House in the early 2000s.

New Yorker writer Osita Nwanevu was among many commentators suggesting that Democrats easily could have allowed red-state Democrats facing tough re-election campaigns to return home while the rest of the Senate Democratic caucus remained to fight Trump's nominees, but Schumer opted to fully cave to McConnell instead.

The Democratic Coalition first filed the two complaints less than a week before his confirmation vote October 2. In the most watched trial since the O.J. Simpson case, the enquiry into sexual assault allegations against Brett Kavanaugh drew in numbers that surpassed 20 million.

Legal experts told the Post the complaints may be dismissed. The elections are also being seen as a barometer of President Donald Trump's popularity. It would have taken only one Democratic senator to say "no" to letting the nominees through this week, but none did.

In front of a packed courtroom, Chief Justice John Roberts welcomed the newest judge on the nine-member panel and wished him a "long and happy career".

"This is my statement to anyone that is a survivor of sexual abuse, is that if you are comfortable coming forward right away, you need to do it right away", she said. But, many claimed that Justice Kavanaugh's passionate defense of himself came off as credible as well.

With Kavanaugh's ascension to the high court, Republicans, long dispirited by Trump's string of scandals and the prospect of losing their congressional majorities, are whooping it up.

It was the end of a deeply contentious nomination process that sparked mass protests, an FBI investigation and a national reckoning over power, gender, sexual assault and the line between violence and adolescent transgression.

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