Amazon tight-lipped about accidentally sharing customer emails due to technical error

Technical foul: Amazon suffers data breach days before Black Friday, emails world+dog

Amazon suffers data breach but remains tight-lipped on details

Beyond saying the issue has been fixed, Amazon has been relatively tight-lipped, refusing to give additional information about the issue.

If you haven't received an email, then your data wasn't exposed. How many email addresses were exposed or in what way the Amazon website was a part of this supposed error are blanks which are unlikely to be filled in.

Online shopping behemoth Amazon shocked many customers Wednesday - just hours ahead of its big Black Friday sale - with news of a personal information leak.

In the original message, Amazon said the disclosure wasn't a result of anything the user did and that there was no need to change passwords or take any other action.

We don't know how it happened, exactly when it happened, or who the information was shared with / to. Before long, Amazon issued a second statement, published by Variety.

It's not the first time Amazon has run into security troubles. Amazon also did not detail the nature of the glitch or its fix. It did, however, insist that neither its website nor systems were hacked. And you don't have to change your password even if you got the notification. The Register confirmed that the contents of the email are genuine.

In October, Amazon said it fired an employee who had provided customer email addresses to a third-party seller on the site and had notified affected users of the policy violation. We'll update if we find out more.

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