Beyonce-starring Lion King remake releases first teaser

Donald Glover as Simba

Donald Glover as Simba

"The Lion King" is set to hit theaters July 19.

James Earl Jones' iconic voice returns as the king of the pridelands and Simba's father, Mufasa, in director Jon Favreau's forthcoming film. The teaser recreates the opening scene from the original Lion King nearly beat for beat with Rafiki lifting baby Simba on Pride Rock, showing the youngster off to the rest of the animal kingdom.

It is one of ten movies Disney reportedly has scheduled to release in 2019 which could make it the studio's biggest year to date.

The trailer is very much in keeping with that of the original, focusing on the presentation of a young Simba to the animals of the Pride Lands, and it mostly looks like a shot-for-shot remake. But a king's time as rule rises and falls like the sun.

The first trailer and poster dropped today, showing what looks like a scene-for-scene recreation of the classic 1994 animated adventure.

The film arrives amid a streak of massively successful live-action remakes of their films, produced by Disney.

James Earl Jones as Musafa
James Earl Jones as Musafa

The Lion King remake boasts a stellar cast with Donald Glover, Beyonce and Chiwetel Ejiofor taking up the mantle of our favourite characters.

Truly if you didn't get chills at that. you better be prepared for "Circle of Life" to kick in.

Alfre Woodard will voice Simba's mother Sarabi, child actor JD McCrary plays a young Simba and Shahadi Wright Joseph is the young Nala.

Ejiofor has taken on the role of Scar, the villainous lion and brother of Mufasa, who seeks to usurp the throne from his brother and ends up teaming up with the hyenas.

Other Disney movies opening next year include Dumbo (March 29), Avengers 4 (May 3, 2019), Toy Story 4 (June 21, 2019) and Star Wars 9 (December 20, 2019).

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