BlizzCon 2018: New Overwatch Lego Sets And Toys Announced

The new Overwatch hero is Ashe: here are her abilities

Blizzard's Overwatch reveals hero 29, Ashe

Pretty epic stuff! Certainly a lot of teases for new characters in there - you get the feeling that the mysterious robot from the end, Echo, will join the Overwatch eventually, but, for now, Blizzard is focusing on the white-haired, rifle-wielding badass, Ashe.

In addition to the levitating Snowball and the Genji Sword, Overwatch's heroes and environments have been adapted into LEGO form. Her newly minted hero page describes her as a legendary outlaw, and as a new DPS hero, she's got abilities to suit her reputation. Then there's the coach gun, a sawed-off shotgun that knocks Ashe and her targets backward.

This is definitely a DPS kit with a high skill ceiling.

In true Blizzard fashion, Miss Elizabeth Caledonia Ashe premiered in an all-new cinematic trailer called "Reunion" that follows the suave cowboy McCree.

"Ashe's semi-automatic rifle fires quick shots, or she can use her aim-down sights for a more damaging, precise shot".

"Throughout 2018 our goal has been to give fans an abundance of new ways to express their affinity for their favorite Blizzard games, and it was exciting to be able to showcase our plans for 2019 and beyond today at BlizzCon", said Blizzard vice president of global consumer products Matthew Beecher.

"You've never been one to shy away from a good tip", McCree cracked, noting that he wants the crate that Ashe and Bob before the conversation quickly devolves into a standoff between McCree and the others.

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