Canadian mother reunited with son abducted 31 years ago

Canadian mother reunited with son abducted 31 years ago

Canadian mother reunited with son abducted 31 years ago

A Canadian mother has been reunited with her son who was abducted in 1987 as a toddler.

Jermaine Allan Mann was allegedly kidnapped by his father when he was 21 months old during a scheduled visit in Canada.

Mann-Lewis admitted that she had "endured many hard days" as she survived the last three decades.

Mann grew up believing that his mother had died shortly after his birth and remained unaware of his true identity or how he had entered the country until Friday, when U.S. marshals took his father into custody.

As she sat on a plane taking her from Toronto to CT to see her son for the first time in 31 years last weekend, Lyneth Mann-Lewis could barely breathe with anticipation.

Canadian authorities say they intend to pursue extradition once the United States case is resolved, so that Mann Jr can be charged in connection with the 1987 abduction. "It is common for the other parent to say that a mother or a father is dead", she said.

"I looked at him, I sat on him and then I cooked for him", she said.

"All things are possible".

Their visit was full of little discoveries, from Mann seeing the similarity in his and his mother's eyes to Mann-Lewis realizing Mann listens to the same music as her other son.

Banks says Toronto police also conducted investigations but could not find a connection to Canada and their "leads went cold".

"(After the abduction) Mann Jr. obtained false documents and lived a life of lies", said Det.

Mann, who has been living in publically subsidized housing in Vernon since 2004, was charged with making false statements and making false statements to get HUD housing.

Authorities said he had then entered the USA - where he had relatives - and obtained fake identification for himself and his son, including bogus Texas birth certificates. A forensic specialist then analyzed a photo of Mr. Mann alongside the driver's licence photo of a man named Hailee DeSouza, and determined that they were likely the same person. "I touched him and said "oh my God my baby".

Now Mann-Lewis was coming to CT to see her son, a grown man working for the state of CT. "I am the proof that after 31 long years of suffering one should never give up", she said.

Canada's national missing persons registry now lists 165 people who disappeared as children.

The Courant reported that Jermaine sobbed quietly in the front row as his father appeared in court on Friday, and left the courthouse without commenting.

Toronto Police Chief Mark Saunders said that his agency had held a conference on fugitive training in 2016 and said this very case was discussed with U.S. law enforcement officials.

Pick added: "I think we all need to be aware that it takes time to heal, and in order to do that, this family needs the privacy and support".

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