Election Day incentives: Get FREE Shake Shack fries, coffee and more

Election Day incentives: Get FREE Shake Shack fries, coffee and more

Election Day incentives: Get FREE Shake Shack fries, coffee and more

It's also a good way to score some free goodies on Election Day.

Birch Coffee: Drink up a free drip coffee after presenting your "I Voted" sticker.

Did we miss your giveaway or favorite spot for a post-voting treats?

If free pizza can't get you to vote, then what can? Unfortunately, that excludes about a third of all voters in Texas because they voted early. She apologized for her all-caps use, saying "I JUST FEEL REALLY EXCITED THAT I JUST VOTED BECAUSE I FEEL LIKE IM TAKING MY FRUSTRATION AT THE INJUSTICES THAT HAPPEN IN OUR COUNTRY AND TURNING IT INTO ACTION!"

"All guests will also receive an "I Taco'd" sticker in honor of Election Day".

Farmer Burger Across all 12 locations, customers who have an "I Voted" sticker can get a free side of French fries on Election Day.

Potbelly Sandwich Shops are giving guests free cookies on Tuesday and Wednesday with any purchase. In addition, Uber will offer $10 off a single ride to the polls on Election Day using the promotional code VOTE2018, and only for the cheapest option available in your city (So Uber Express Pool, Pool, or UberX).

Lime, a nationwide bike, e-bike and e-scooter share program, is offering free rides (up to 30-minutes) to your polling locations in more than 100 cities with the code LIME2VOTE18.

California Tortilla: According to Business Insider, California Tortilla will give customers a free order of chips and queso at all of its 50 locations if you say "I voted" at checkout.

In celebration of election day - and Minnesota being one of the top states for voter turnout - businesses are offering free rides, drinks and eats on Tuesday.

Don't throw away your "I Voted" sticker!

The Elephant: Receive 10 percent of your meal when you wear an "I Voter" sticker.

Zipcar is offering $20 toward a future trip with an Election Day rental. In 2016, voting stations in Louisiana distributed stickers featuring the state's famous "Blue Dog" to commemorate the presidential election.

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