Google Assistant just updated with Siri Shortcuts: "Hey Siri… Hey Google"

9 top tech gifts to give this year

9 top tech gifts to give this year

However, after that you can string both Siri and Assistant instructions together to use Google's services.

There's great news for fans of Google Assistant with an iPhone: for the first time, iOS users can now access the smart assistant using a verbal command. You can use "Ok Google" or "Hey Google" or any other voice phrase you want. This will make it easier for iOS users to ask Google questions while being completely hands free.

How does Siri Shortcuts work with the Google Assistant?

How do you set this up?

The prompt to set up the functionality shows up at the top of Google Assistant's main screen as soon as the app is launched, though in the Canadian version of the iOS Google Assistant app the string "KOPALocalizationStringNotFound" is listed in the Shortcuts prompt.

In an interesting move on Google's part, the ways you're able to access Google Assistant with iOS have changed in a somewhat roundabout way. That's just a sample shortcut that various tech blogs have come up with. When you open the Assistant app post-update you should see the option to register it to Siri Shortcuts. If you've already closed that bad boy and realize you hate saying "OK Google", you can still change it after the fact.

Why does this matter? It's usually a little more expensive, but Costco has it on sale for $50 off, bringing it to the same $150 price point as the Home Hub. For example, telling Siri "Goodnight Google" will run a routine, such as turning off the lights and locking doors. Google has chose to take advantage to this, by enabling it's Assistant to launch via Siri Shortcuts. You would have to either go to the Google Assistant or Google app and talk to it manually or go to your mobile Safari browser and type it in.

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