Iran urges United Nations to hold USA to account over sanctions

The renewal of sanctions on the Islamic republic comes at a time of major supply disruptions in several producer nations and as US President Donald Trump aims to prevent an oil price hike

Iran urges United Nations to hold USA to account over sanctions

After sanctions were re-imposed on Iran following the withdrawal of US from the nuclear deal, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said eight countries will be temporarily exempted from the ban on buying crude oil from Iran so as to not disrupt their energy needs.

Washington in May withdrew from a 2015 nuclear deal signed between world powers and Iran under which worldwide sanctions against Iran were lifted in return for curbs on its nuclear program.

He also stated that over 20 importing nations have already "zeroed out" their crude oil purchases, "taking more than one million barrels of crude oil per day off the market".

China will continue its trade with Iran and opposes the USA sanctions on the Islamic Republic as unilateral and "long-arm jurisdiction", a spokeswoman for the Chinese foreign ministry said on Monday, when the American sanctions on Iran's oil, shipping, and banking industry returned.

Fresh U.S. sanctions against Iran, labeled by President Donald Trump as the "strongest ever", have taken effect against the country's energy, shipping, shipbuilding, and financial sectors.

As US sanctions created to push Iran's oil exports to zero came into effect on Tuesday, the hardline initially signaled by President Donald Trump softened as the deadline approached.

President Trump withdrew from the 2015 Iran nuclear agreement in May and published new sanctions for Iran.

The most significant of the new measures is a prohibition against oil and gas sales, which provide the Iranian Government with 80 per cent of its total revenue.

Last weekend, Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, said: "The US's goal in imposing sanctions is to paralyse and prevent the growth of national economy; but it resulted in a movement towards self-sufficiency in Iran".

"Our ultimate goal is to convince the regime to abandon its current revolutionary course", Pompeo said announcing the sanctions on Monday.

"This is an economic war against Iran but".

Iran's economy has faced stagnant growth and high unemployment, even after sanctions were lifted following the nuclear deal it negotiated with world powers.

"Permitting these specific activities to continue is an interim measure that preserves oversight of Iran's civil nuclear program", the department said in a statement. As for the European Union, its leaders should rethink their resistance and work with the prod Iran to renegotiate the deal so it really would prevent an Iranian nuclear weapon. "We have a plan to counter the new sanctions", he stressed. The visiting envoy also called for concreted action by the worldwide community to stand against U.S. unilateralism, and denounced the use of economic and trade options for imposing a country's political will on others.

The U.S. withdrawal from the multilateral JCPOA in May was a "scandal" for Washington, he said.

Iran's Foreign Minister, Javad Zarif, blustered that the sanctions would only isolate the United States, tweeting, "Today, US defied UN top court & Security Council by reimposing sanctions on Iran that target ordinary people".

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