PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is finally coming to PS4 in December

Don't miss your chance to get PUBG absolutely free on Xbox

Don't miss your chance to get PUBG absolutely free on Xbox

However, a PS4 version of the game could be coming soon.

Adding fuel to the fire, Niko Partners analyst Daniel Ahmad revealed on ResetEra that PUBG is indeed due for release in December on PS4.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, one of the most popular, and most award-winning, games of the last few years had begun life as a PC game, before being ported over for Xbox consoles exclusively.

Not long after PUBG for PS4 was seen over on the Korean ratings board, the PlayStation 4 version of the game has been spotted once again.

If you want to preload the games in preparation for the free play event, Xbox says that some customers will be able to start downloading both games today.

PUBG on Xbox first released on September 4 with the V1.0 game update, but was previously available as early access or "game preview" ever since December 2017.

Gematsu reported that a PSN Profiles community user had found two retail images for "PUBG" on the PlayStation servers.

Fans are speculating that the game would release in December, one year after PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds debut on Xbox. Without official word from the game's developer, we can not confirm a December release date for PUBG on PS4.

That would be one year after the original Xbox One launch, which we were already informed was just a timed exclusive.

Those costumes, derived from 2016 movie "Suicide Squad", were confirmed through social media posts to official "PUBG" accounts, though a precise release date was not announced. Where Fortnite retains a heavy focus on construction to achieve victory, PUBG forgoes crafting in favour of a more militaristic approach to battle.

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