Rita Ora in lip-syncing FAIL during performance watched by millions

Rita Ora was selected to perform in the OTT bonanza but, thanks to some truly unfortunate broadcasting footage, the singer's now being trolled like insane for lip syncing.

As viewers took aim on social media, Legend pointed out that all the parade performers, including himself, Sugarland, and Kelly Clarkson, were lip syncing: "Fun fact". During their performances, you may have been wondering if your favorite musicians were performing live, or if they were lip-syncing along to a pre-recorded track. Hope y'all enjoyed it anyway, ' she wrote.

Excitedly waving at fans, the Hot Right Now singer appeared to miss her lip-syncing cue as her singing voice broke out over the speaker.

Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade happens once per year and each installment is as star-studded as the last.

Rita Ora responded to his tweet, thanking him for clarifying what Twitter was criticizing her for.

He then went on to explain to a fan that it's nearly impossible to have live audio with a setting like the Macy's parade.

Fellow performer John Legend felt obligated to defend Ora's performance in a tweet.

On Thursday, Macy's tweeted about some of the technical difficulties.

'We apologize and want fans to know these issues were out of the artist's control'. It's annoying for us but anyway!' she tweeted.

As far as lip-sync fails go, it's definitely up there among our favourites, but it's still got a long way to go to beat the undoubted best. "When you some to a ORA show get ready!"

In response, Ora said her shows are also 100 percent live.

Legend performed during the parade as well. Without acknowledging the harsh words against her lip-sync mistake, she turned her attention back to celebrating the holidays and wishing the same to her followers.

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