Samsung Galaxy X 'folding phone' leak suggests a reveal this week

Samsung Galaxy X 'folding phone' leak suggests a reveal this week

Samsung Galaxy X 'folding phone' leak suggests a reveal this week

The company is expected to showcase the Galaxy foldable handset codenamed- "Winner" at the upcoming Samsung Developer Conference on November 7-8 in San Francisco.

The reveal is also created to help developers ensure their apps are optimised for the folding screen, because as we all know devices are doomed to fail if they don't get the right app support.

The race to develop a folding phone likely comes from the fact that modern phones haven't changed much in the last half-decade.

In an attempt to jolt its declining mobile division and further combat competition, Samsung will reportedly debut its Galaxy X foldable smartphone during Wednesday's Developer Conference.

"Unlike our flagship products, the foldable phone is a completely new concept in terms of design and user experience, which requires a different approach", an unnamed Samsung exec told Reuters. Samsung Mobile updated its profile photo on Facebook to a Samsung logo folded over. It will also address significant concerns of the Korean giant about its upcoming foldable smartphone.

Samsung's foldable phone may soon become a reality. However, we're excited to see what the company will have to offer.

Samsung wants to fully secure the device before launching it in the market.

Granted, it doesn't exactly mention a new foldable phone but it's just one session among many. Would you sport a foldable smartphone? Speculation running wild might well have promised a device that won't come to fruition for a while to come, although I truly hope I'm wrong. Despite all the unfulfilled Project Valley and Galaxy X rumors of previous years, it's hard not to feel a little excitement for what Samsung might unveil later this week at its developer conference in San Francisco. According to The Bell, when folded, the device acts a standard smartphone with a 4.58-inch OLED touchscreen display. Naturally, there has been no hint of a price tag, but you can guarantee that buying the foldable phone will not be something that your wallet will thank you for.

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