Shark attack kills man in Queensland, Australia as chilling spike baffles scientists

The man was airlifted to Mackay Hospital in a critical condition. Image 7 NewsMore

The man was airlifted to Mackay Hospital in a critical condition. Image 7 NewsMore

The Whitsunday Water Police, as well as boats from the Boating and Fisheries patrol and Marine Safety Queensland, are conducting patrols and warning people not to swim in the waters close to the incident.

He is the second shark attack victim to die in Australia this year.

A MAN has tragically died after being mauled by a shark at Cid Harbour, in Queensland's Whitsundays.

Temporary signs would be urgently installed and permanent signs would follow deterring people from swimming in the popular anchorage location, according to the statement.

The 33-year-old Victorian man was reportedly swimming off a private vessel just after 5.30pm local time (8.30pm NZ Time) on Monday when he was attacked, resulting in significant leg and wrist injuries.

He had dived into the water to give the woman her turn on the board when the shark attacked, O'Connell said.

There were more than a dozen yachts in the harbour at the time.

"The Cid Harbour area is not covered by the Queensland Government's Shark Control Program, which operates at 85 of Queensland's most popular beaches", he said.

Most of the victim's company were people with medical background, including two doctors, who brought him back to his yacht to seek help.

The victim was taken by helicopter to the Mackay Base Hospital, 60 miles to the south, where he died.

RACQ CQ Rescue crewman Ben McCauley said the man's injuries were "absolutely horrific".

It was the third serious shark attack in Cid Harbour in two months after Tasmanian woman Justine Barwick and Melbourne girl Hannah Papps were bitten in separate attacks in September.

The last shark attack in the Whitsunday Islands before the latest spate occurred on February 13, 2010, off Dent Island where 60-year-old tourist Patricia Trumbull survived lacerations to her buttocks and major blood loss.

"We need to be looking at the baitfish movement, we need to be looking at the water conditions ... any other factors that might be happening in that area that is obviously changing shark activity", Dr Chapman said.

The pre-teen lost her leg in the attack, which led to a shark bait operation, in which six sharks were hooked and killed within a week.

Critics took to social media to protest that killing sharks was not the answer and that the predator plays an important role in the ecosystem and the survival of the endangered reef.

"I feel devastated for the family and friends of this young man, I know that he would have received the best of care available from the Queensland Health Service, including RACQ CQ Rescue helicopter crew and my heart goes out to all involved", Craig Barwick said in a statement.

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