Some Amazon Black Friday 2018 Game Deals Are Available Now

Black Friday: 10 PS4 Exclusives On Sale For Way Less Than They Deserve To Be

Here's Where To Get The Best Black Friday Deal On An Xbox One

You can get The Last of Us: Remastered or Overwatch thrown in for just £15 or £20 more, respectively. If you're not a Forza fan, you can get the same bundle but with Playground's racer subbed out for a Fortnite full game download, 2,000 V-bucks, and the Eon cosmetic set for the same price.

As part of this year's Black Friday sales, Microsoft has heavily discounted its Xbox One S and Xbox One X consoles in most major markets around the world on the numerous official Microsoft websites.

The exclusions are only the $199 PS4 Spider-man and the $199 Xbox One S 1TB Minecraft Bundles.

If you're a big Microsoft gamer, but don't yet have Forza Horizon 4, you might be excited to know that it's now just £26.99 physical on Xbox One via Amazon UK. Red Dead Redemption has been on discount too, but it's going like hot potatoes so you will have to watch back for more offers. Those who purchase one of these consoles will also get a three months subscription to Xbox Live. Additionally, as many expected, Starlink's physical toys to life starter kit has already seen a price drop down to £39.95 on all systems, including the Switch version with its nice Arwing model. If you're patient, you can very likely find similar value deal elsewhere ($50 gift card, or a free extra controller). The Switch is a newer console, so it's perhaps unsurprising deals are a little hard to come by compared to PS4 and Xbox One.

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