Stalemate in Sri Lanka

The EU is worried about Mahinda Rajapakse returning to power

Image Mr Rajapakse faced accusations of human rights abuses when he was president

The political turmoil began after Sirisena sacked prime minister Ranil Wickremesinghe and installed former strongman Mahinda Rajapaksa in his place in a dramatic turn of events last week.

"Countries are sensitive, they have concerns (about a government led by Mr Rajapaksa) democratic countries have concerns", he said in the interview conducted in the prime minister's official residence in a colonial-era bungalow where Mr Wickremesinghe is camping along with his supporters.

Amid the ongoing political tension, Resident Coordinator of the United Nations in Sri Lanka Hanaa Singer has met Sirisena and Parliament Speaker Karu Jayasuriya, delivering Guterres' message for the need to respect democratic values and constitutional provisions.

The Party also condemned its Batticaloa district parliamentarian S. Viyalendran, who crossed over to the Rajapaksa ked government accepting a deputy minister post. We strongly oppose and condemn Tamil National Alliance Member of Parliament S. Viyalendran being a part of this conspiracy.

Some 121 lawmakers were expected Saturday to support the no-confidence vote, according to a count by The Associated Press. Details of the alleged plot have not been disclosed and Wickremesinghe has repeatedly denied the accusation.

The International Democrat Union demanded that Sri Lanka reconvenes parliament, calling the actions of Sirisena "disgraceful".

The EU warning on trade is the strongest yet from Western powers which, along with India, the island's nearest neighbour, have urged Sirisena to abide by the constitution.

So far Rajapaksa has 100 MPs on his side while sacked prime minister Ranil Wickremesinghe has 103 MPs in the 225-member assembly.

Rajapakse loyalists are arranging a mass rally on Monday near the parliament complex to support to what the local media has dubbed a "constitutional coup". Jayasuriya, in a meeting with political party legislators, said President Sirisena had in a telephone conversation informed him that parliament would convene on November 7 and a gazette notification would be issued either Friday or Saturday. He is credited with ending a 25-year civil war. Rajapaksa is credited as a hero by Sri Lanka's ethnic Sinhalese majority for ending the conflict with a faction from the ethnic Tamil minority population.

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