This light theme fan is happy with the direction Windows is heading

This light theme fan is happy with the direction Windows is heading

This light theme fan is happy with the direction Windows is heading

The April Update had the fastest Windows 10 update rollout velocity but given the issues with the October Update, it's no surprise that Microsoft is taking a measured approach this time around.

Along with the October Update 2019, Microsoft is also re-releasing Windows Server 2019 which was affected by similar bugs.

'We take any case of data loss seriously, so we proactively removed all related media from our channels as we started investigation of the reports, ' explains Microsoft's Vinicius Apolinario, 'and have now fixed all known related issues.

However, shortly after its release a number of users insisted they were experiencing problems that caused some of their precious files to be deleted without warning.

After a month of doom and gloom, Microsoft is finally re-releasing the Windows 10 October 2018 Update. Home and Pro edition Windows 10 users still have 18 months of support between feature updates. It's this attribute that makes Windows, Windows.

The news was confirmed via blog post, by Microsoft's Director of Program Management, Windows Servicing and Delivery, John Cable.

The way Microsoft rolls out Windows 10 updates is thus: First, Microsoft makes the update available to a self-selected group of early adopters, who have to either download it directly from Microsoft's website, or else manually run Windows Update to find it.

You might be thinking "isn't that just Windows 10 with Dark mode off?"

Windows 10 likes to install patches all in one go and reboot your computer on its own schedule.

This time, though, Microsoft says that it's going to be far more cautious about approving the update for users - if Windows 10 detects any kind of anomaly in your PC setup, whatsoever, the update simply won't appear for you. It's also available to IT pros using "Windows Server Update Services, Windows Update for Business and System Center Configuration Manager's phased deployment", Cable noted.

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