YouTuber snaps Apple's £1,000 iPad Pro in half with his bare hands

YouTuber snaps Apple's £1,000 iPad Pro in half with his bare hands

YouTuber snaps Apple's £1,000 iPad Pro in half with his bare hands

The iPad Pro (2018) gets scratched with a razor blade, and unsurprisingly it does get scratched.

Apple's new iPad Pro may be the last great tablet, but you'd be wise to handle it carefully.

Reports of bending iPad Pro tablets have emerged on Reddit, Twitter and Apple-focused blogs like MacRumors.

At the same time we do know that the new tablets are thinner than ever before (just 5.9 mm or 0.23 inches) - by making the devices so slim, Apple may have made them easier to break too. You won't want anyone to sit on it, or have it bend while you're lugging it around in a backpack or suitcase.

The full video includes the taking apart of a second generation Apple Pencil as well as the inscribing of a Spider-Man face in the anodization on the back of the iPad Pro, a sign that the anodization is perhaps not as thick as it could be.

The fourth reason to get an iPad Pro to replace your computer is how easy it is to multitask, which is mostly handled by the new gestures supported in iOS 12 and thanks to losing the physical Home button. You will of course not do this to your iPad Pro, but after seeing this video you'll probably double check for risks of sitting on it. You won't see drastic results in day-to-day use but might consider slapping a case to protect the tablet while giving it a little extra reinforcement.

The iPad Pro is not built to bend. The bending test video starts with the Apple Pencil that breaks with a surprising amount of ease; only slightly more than the force it takes to break a normal wooden pencil was needed to break the Apple Pencil.

Zack Nelson, the YouTuber known for conducting endurance tests on electronic gadgets on his channel JerryRigEverything, recently put the 11-inch model of Apple iPad Pro (2018) through its paces.

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