Acceptance good but we already knew it, Army chief to Pak PM

Acceptance good but we already knew it, Army chief to Pak PM

Acceptance good but we already knew it, Army chief to Pak PM

They also expect Pakistan to again deliver the Afghan Taliban for direct peace negotiations with Kabul.

PM Imran Khan rejecting the United States propaganda on sheltering Taliban leaders here, has said he was briefed about the situation and that he was told that Pakistan has asked the USA several times to share where the sanctuaries are.

On question of future of Pak-US ties, the prime minister noted: "I would never want to have a relationship where Pakistan is treated like a hired gun - given money to fight someone else's war".

The Taliban are fighting to flush out US-led global forces and re-establish their regime in Afghanistan after their ouster in 2001. "It not only cost us human lives, [the] devastation of our tribal areas, but it also cost us our dignity".

"If we left precipitously right now I do not believe they would be able to successfully defend their country", he said, adding that "the operational military situation is largely stalemated".

Despite Pakistan's positive rhetoric in support of the US' South Asia Strategy, violent extremist organisations (VEOs) operate along its border with Afghanistan, he said. It's a trade relationship between two countries.

"Now those who always said "do more" are now demanding cooperation for talks in Afghan peace", said the PM.

When asked if Pakistan was trying to hedge its bets using China, Mr Khan replied: "The US has basically pushed Pakistan away". "If we had stayed neutral after 9/11, I reckon we would have saved ourselves from the devastation that took place afterward", he explained, adding that by becoming the "front-line state for the U.S. in the war on terror, this country went through hell". The raid strained relationship between America and long-time ally in the region.

Asked if he wanted relations between Pakistan and the United States to "warm up", the prime minister responded, "Who would not want to be friends with a superpower?"

As the U.S. continue to ask Pakistan to do more regarding the reported terror sanctuaries in the country, the PM asserted that "there are no sanctuaries in Pakistan" as he ruled out the presence of Taliban in the country. "There are no sanctuaries in Pakistan".

Afghan forces on the ground are suffering their heaviest losses since the US-led invasion - but at least Americans on the other side of the globe are safe, says Dunford: "The presence that we have in Afghanistan has, in fact, disrupted the enemy's ability to reconstitute and pose a threat to us".

"We have 2.7 million Afghan refugees". Major General Asif Ghafoor urged the U.S. to leave Kabul as a "friend of the region" rather than a "failure". Now I'm happy that everyone realizes there is only a political solution.

He said that Pakistan's founder Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah sacrificed everything during his struggle for the creation of Pakistan.

"I went as an 18-year-old to play cricket in England".

"As I said our goal here grounded in the objective realities is that there needs to be a settlement that comes from within the society so that it is broadly accepted by the society and therefore has a good chance of being implemented", he said.

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