Amazon Alexa Lost Her Voice on Christmas Day

Credit Daniela Hartmann

Credit Daniela Hartmann

Customers seem to be growing more comfortable ordering with Amazon's voice assistant, Alexa, with the company saying people used it for shopping three times as much as previous year.

This incident was taken place on Tuesday morning i.e. on the day of Christmas. Glam glitter Series doll, Bose Corp, some of the wireless headphones and clothes from Carhartt Inc. At the same time, Amazon said more than 50 percent of items sold in its stores came from small and medium-sized businesses.

Amazon's holiday shopping announcement is filled with other interesting facts about new retail trends.

To give an indication of the growing scale of its voice-controlled digital assistant Alexa, Amazon said there was an eight-fold increase in the number of reminders given by Alexa, and Alexa was used twice as much on Fire TV devices as a year ago.

Amazon's Alexa generally works by sending voice commands through Amazon Echo devices that go straight to a server where a computer interprets them.

The internet retailer revealed that "tens of millions of people across the globe" signed up for its prime service which offers the two-day shipping on the millions of items as well as with the music and video streaming.

If you did get a new Alexa powered smart speaker for the holidays, you should install the official iOS or Android Alexa app to help you setup the virtual assistant. "We are thrilled that in the USA alone, more than one billion items shipped for free this holiday with Prime".

In April this year, Amazon disclosed that its Prime members had reached a record milestone of 100 million customers.

Millions of items in the US were shipped with Prime free same-day shipping, Prime free one-day shipping and Prime Now free two-hour delivery.

The couriers are bracing for a second wave of business as people begin returning gifts in January. This year, however, a developer appears to be taking advantage of all the new Echo speakers that are flooding the market and has created a fake Alexa setup app to trick people into using it.

- With assistance from Bloomberg's Thomas Black.

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