AWS announces two new Marketplace features

AWS CEO Andy Jassy

AWS CEO Andy Jassy

"The service, called AWS Ground Station, works in much the same way as Amazon's well-established business for tapping computing capacity via the cloud", reports MIT Technology Review.

Amazon also launched the DeepRacer League, under which it plans to hold 20 races for DeepRacer owners at AWS summits, where they can win credits and win tickets to the championship cup at next year's AWS re:Invent conference.

CEO Andy Jassy announced the launch of Amazon Quantum Ledger Database (QLDB) and Amazon Managed Blockchain according to Zdnet. This integration, together with the addition of Dome9 to the CloudGuard portfolio, following its recent acquisition by Check Point, allows enterprises to access multi-layered security and almost continuous compliance capabilities from the central console of AWS Security Hub.

AWS unveiled several Amazon SageMaker features, including low-priced, automatic data labelling and reinforcement learning, and also announced a high-performance ML inference chip, AWS Inferentia, which was custom-designed by AWS and will be available in 2019.

By leveraging AWS Security Hub, Check Point can provide a almost seamless experience to customers in providing additional protection to their AWS environments against advanced cyber-threats in real time and mitigating compliance risks at any scale.

Today at AWS re:Invent, Amazon Web Services, Inc.

The AWS DeepRacer also includes a fully configured cloud environment that is utilized by the reinforcement learning installed in each race vehicle. Amazon SageMaker, a fully managed service that removes guesswork from the machine learning process, now makes it easier for developers to build, train, tune, and deploy machine learning models.

"Once you find the container products you need, you can quickly deploy them on services such as Amazon ECS, Amazon Elastic Container Services for Kubernetes (Amazon EKS), and AWS Fargate by using deployment templates such as task definitions, Helm charts, and AWS CloudFormation templates provided by the software seller", says AWS.

For customers who want to use the same VMware control plane and APIs they've been using to run their infrastructure, they will be able to run VMware Cloud on AWS locally on AWS Outposts. It takes inputs such as customers' or users' activity streams, inventory (there's little point recommending a product you can't supply) and demographics; builds a recommendation model that's private to the AWS customer; and provides an API for recommendation and personalisation. The fact that it only offers centralized solutions however will only likely appeal to corporate clients that are comfortable with Amazon controlling all of their data and systems.

That fact may be as important a motivator for Outposts' debut as customer demand.

"Today, building a scalable blockchain network with existing technologies is complex to set up and hard to manage".

The new AWS-Optimized TensorFlow offering, now generally available, allows TensorFlow jobs to be automatically scaled and balanced across multiple GPU-powered EC2 nodes. Amazon Personalize is a real-time personalization and recommendation service.

He said that is why AWS has been spending so much time and investment, and has made so many releases in the ML and AI space in the last few years.

VMware is majority owned by Dell and a subsidiary of Dell Technologies.

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